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Commissioner Orders Accelerated Work on Rawalpindi Ring Road

Work on Rawalpindi Ring Road

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha, during a meeting on Tuesday, issued directives to expedite the work on Rawalpindi Ring Road by implementing day and night shifts, emphasizing the need to ensure the project’s timely completion.

Work on Rawalpindi Ring Road

Work on Rawalpindi Ring Road

Presiding over the meeting, which focused on the progress of both the Rawalpindi Ring Road and Daducha Dam projects, Commissioner Chattha acknowledged the commendable pace of work on the Rawalpindi Ring Road. However, he stressed the importance of completing the project ahead of schedule and urged the implementation of double shifts to achieve this goal.

Highlighting the advantage of longer winter nights, Commissioner Chattha suggested that the construction contractor should continue operations during the night to enhance efficiency and meet the accelerated timeline.

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Expressing urgency for the Daducha Dam project, Commissioner Chattha directed an increase in the workforce and the initiation of work on different sections simultaneously. He underscored the critical nature of these public welfare projects and emphasized that any further delays would be unacceptable.

The meeting, held at the Commissioner Office Rawalpindi, saw the participation of key officials, including Deputy Commissioner Hasan Waqar Cheema, Director Development Nazia Sudhan, Ashfaq Silhari from PMU, Assistant Director Planning Ahmed Ali, Environment Expert Adeel Parviz, and representatives from Nespak and FWO.

Providing an update on the Rawalpindi Ring Road project, officials informed the commissioner that the overall physical progress stands at 8.8%. They highlighted the ongoing efforts to permanently shift utility services along the project’s route, aiming to eliminate the need for frequent and costly relocations.

Regarding the Daducha Dam project, it was reported that work had resumed on November 9, with the current focus on the excavation of the spillway. In compliance with a decision from the Supreme Court, a revised PC-I has been submitted to the Planning and Development Department in Lahore, outlining the next steps for the vital water project.

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