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Water Theme Park Islamabad

Water theme park islamabad

Blue Group is going to develop an international standard water theme park in Islamabad, on an area of 70,000 square meters with 20 different water rides. This water park will be located in Blue World City and will eventually make it Pakistan’s first tourist city.

Blue Group of Companies has developed an eminent housing Society “Blue World City Islamabad” in the capital city Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most extraordinary housing schemes in the vicinity of Islamabad and shares the most important accessibility points. It is done with the joint efforts of BGC and Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company. In society, the developers have decided to build an international standard Water Theme Park. This park is going to meet the high expectations of people. Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology and Company Limited. In Islamabad, there are only a few water parks and they lack the proper management and services. That is why BGC has decided to bring a standard to the design and architecture of its water Theme Park. 

Water Theme Park Blue World City Islamabad

The water theme park is constructed in Blue World City Islamabad over an area of 70,000 square meters. It has steep terrains and curves that follow the amazing master plan of a theme park. The park is going to be full of rides and swings for children and adults. It has 20 thrilling hot rides and a children’s play area. This is not all folks, the food area has all the renowned food brands such as McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, and many more to provide the visitors with an appetizing meal time with their families.

Water Theme Park Islamabad Developers

We know that all the construction projects like housing societies, malls, and buildings require keen expertise. But when it comes to parks and rides, we need specific architects and theme, park engineers. In the case of thrilling rides, one cannot take any sort of risk as it can cost the lives and lifetime reputation of the developers. 

This international standard water theme park is the result of the collaboration of Blue Group of companies with the world-famous Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd. It specializes in the making of water park equipment as it is the only TUV-certified manufacturer of water park equipment. It owns a 120,000 Square meters production area in Conghua Guanzhou and Xinfeng Shaoguan and the company is ISO9001 accredited, which means that they provide a high standard of aquatic-themed equipment. Guangzhou Haisan is also a member of the standard unit of national aquatic entertainment facilities.

Water Theme Park Islamabad Facilities

Blue World City has introduced Pakistan’s first International standard theme park which is going to attract tourists and residents to not only the park but to Blue World City Islamabad also. It has all the necessary duplex amenities for the visitors to have an unforgettable fun experience. The development speed of the project is very fast as it is the most awaited project for the residents. The extraordinary huge rides are designed by certified developers. Plus the color theme puts a funky effect on the surroundings. 

According to BWC Directo Mr. Hamza Amir, this project is going to contribute to increasing employment numbers and is opportunistic for the economy of Pakistan. Through this project, a heavy amount of investment is delivered to Pakistan as well. It also sets an example and competition for other developers and thus others will also follow the steps to provide the same efforts. Following are the features of the project discussed in detail:

Trained Staff

Blue World City knows the importance of expert staff. That is why the staff is trained to handle all sorts of operations. A separate department is made for the maintenance of parks and rides. The park manager is the most efficient person who sees the overall operations and maintenance of rides, and other facilities. Operating the massive rides responsibly is not a piece of cake. It requires trained people because these rides might turn into a bad accident when operated by the wrong hands. That is why the whole personnel is specifically trained for ride operations.

Emergency Services

Great emergency assistance is provided by the park management. It is a place where you can expect many mishaps because the kids are playing around and running everywhere, so, a hospital is made in it with an active medical team of doctors, nurses, and allied staff. All the curable injuries can be handled here. The fast-acting staff of the hospital is responsible to take the patient to the hospital via ambulance and for further medical services. 

Safety Measures

In amusement and theme parks safety always comes first. Because once you enter the parks, the kids and adults will enjoy themselves to the fullest and become a bit more careless. So, digital technology is installed in the park to notify the staff in case of an emergency. The rides like huge water slides and electric rides have all the safety measures like strong belts, handles, and grip. The professional team is trained well before hiring and appointment. 

Extraordinary Rides

Massive rides are the ones that make it an international standard theme park. Water Theme Park Islamabad is the only park in Islamabad with such rides and slides. The water slides are fully equipped with all sorts of necessary duplex facilities which will give the visitor a lifetime experience. The second you enter the park you will not believe your eyes as if you are in any foreign country’s theme park. The summer makes people rush towards pools and lakes. So, it is the best escape from a busy scheduled life and to enjoy a fun time with your friends and families.

Food Area

Pakistanis are great foodies when it comes to visiting outside for any occasion. Then how is it possible to avoid food in the park? Not only for the visitors but the restaurants also have a good opportunity here. Many local and international brands are going to be here to cater to a large number of families at a time. All types of cuisine will be offered here to facilitate every taste bud of yours.

Water Theme Park Islamabad Salient Features

Blue World City Water Theme Park is a complete project to facilitate visitors with all sorts of fun activities with high standard safety. Here are some main features it offers;

  • Huge water slides and other rides
  • Attractive color theme
  • Safe environment
  • Professional staff
  • Food area
  • Hospital
  • Hilly infrastructure
  • 20 thrilling rides
  • Separate play area for kids

Why visit Water Theme Park Islamabad?

There is no reason to say no to Blue World City Islamabad Water Theme Park. An international standard theme park where you get almost 20 interesting and fun rides will make you forget all your worries. Once you dive into huge slides your all tiredness will be converted into excitement at once. It provides all the support facilities like a hospital, emergency service staff, a play area, and many restaurants to give you a proper day to spend with your friends and families. 

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