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CDA to Address Water Shortage Issues in Islamabad Ahead of Summer

Water Shortage Issues in Islamabad

As the summer season approaches, the Water Management Wing of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has ramped up its efforts to mitigate water shortage issues in Islamabad through various projects and initiatives.

Water Shortage Issues in Islamabad

Water Shortage Issues in Islamabad

An official from the CDA stated that instructions have been issued to relevant departments to accelerate repair and maintenance work, focusing on addressing issues such as leakages and replacing aging pipes at the Simly Water Filtration Plant and Main Distribution Line. These proactive measures have not only resulted in saving eight lakh gallons of water per day but have also led to an improvement in water pressure within the pipelines.

Moreover, efforts are being made to address complaints regarding leakages from old and deteriorated pipes in water supply lines across different sectors of Islamabad, ultimately enhancing water availability for residents.

Highlighting the impact of insufficient rainfall on water levels in dams like Khanpur Dam, the official emphasized the relentless efforts of the Water Supply Department to bridge the water shortage gap before the onset of summer. The goal is to ensure adequate water supply to citizens despite the declining reserves in Khanpur Dam.

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In addition to ongoing efforts, the CDA plans to install four new tube wells in Sector F-10, F-11, G-10, and G-11, aiming to further facilitate residents and address potential water shortages.

To expedite these measures, the tender has already been published in various newspapers, reflecting the authority’s commitment to proactively manage water resources and ensure the well-being of Islamabad’s residents as summer approaches.