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Punjab Government Curbs Water Crisis with Dadocha Dam

Water Crisis

Commissioner of Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatta, has announced that the Dadocha Dam, upon completion, will play a crucial role in addressing the persistent water crisis in Rawalpindi. Speaking on the matter, he revealed that the dam is expected to supply an impressive 35 million gallons of water per day to the garrison city.

Water Crisis in Pakistan

Water Crisis

Water scarcity is a global challenge, and Pakistan is no exception, according to Commissioner Chatta. He highlighted the alarming decrease in per capita water availability in the country over the last 50 years, attributing it to the non-construction of dams. Millions of cusecs of rainwater go to waste annually, causing floods due to the shortage of dams, he added.

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The Punjab government has prioritized tackling water scarcity and is particularly focused on the construction of small dams, stated Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta. He shared that the approved cost for the Dadocha Dam, situated near Rawat Industrial Estate, was Rs 6,492 million, subject to reassessment.

Commissioner Chatta assured that the construction work on the Dadocha Dam would resume shortly and expressed confidence in completing the project within the stipulated timeframe. The Punjab government, he added, is actively emphasizing water supply projects to ensure the well-being of the populace.

Commending the patriotism and sacrifices of the local population, especially in areas like Barwala, Azari Sehal, Malikpur, Azizal, and Khanpur, Commissioner Chatta pledged to maximize the benefits of these sacrifices for the community.

In adherence to the Supreme Court‘s decision and directives from the caretaker government of Punjab, the Commissioner assured that the affected local residents would be compensated fairly based on current market rates for their land. The district administration, along with the residents, is urged to collaborate diligently to make the Dadocha Dam project a success, providing clean water for future generations.

Dadocha Dam

The dam is anticipated to benefit the residents of Rawalpindi, Cantt, and adjoining areas, offering a sustainable solution to the water scarcity issue. Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta highlighted that the right-of-way for the dam has been nearly cleared to expedite the project’s completion.

The Dadocha Dam, with a height of 123 feet and a length of 737 feet, covering a catchment area of 129 square miles, is poised to become a vital infrastructure contributing to water security in the region.