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CDA to Establish WASA in Islamabad

WASA in Islamabad

 To uplift the infrastructure of the federal capital, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has embarked on the establishment of the Water and Sanitation Agency WASA in Islamabad. The initiative is poised to bring about a substantial improvement in water supply, sewerage, and drainage facilities across the city.

Project WASA in Islamabad

WASA in Islamabad

Under the umbrella of the WASA Islamabad project, extensive plans are underway to revamp and expand the existing systems. This includes the rehabilitation of outdated infrastructure, as well as the construction and upgrading of water treatment plants to augment sewage treatment capacity. Additionally, the project will focus on enhancing drainage systems to mitigate flooding and waterlogging issues in various areas of Islamabad.

The technical expertise and support crucial for the success of this endeavor will be provided by AFD, a prominent French agency specializing in development projects. Their involvement underscores the international collaboration aimed at bolstering Islamabad’s infrastructure to meet modern standards.

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Speaking on the significance of the project, Chairman CDA, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, reiterated the authority’s commitment to providing world-class amenities to the residents of Islamabad. He emphasized that the establishment of WASA Islamabad is not merely about addressing current challenges but also about paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable future for the city.

As discussions progress and plans take shape, the anticipation for the positive impact of the WASA Islamabad project continues to grow among citizens and stakeholders alike. With concerted efforts and strategic partnerships, Islamabad is poised to undergo a significant transformation in its infrastructure landscape, ensuring a higher quality of life for its residents.