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Rawalpindi to Get Two New Vegetable and Fruit Markets

vegetable and Fruit Markets

To address Rawalpindi’s longstanding dependence on Islamabad’s markets for vegetables and fruits, the Rawalpindi Division Commissioner, Laiqat Ali Chatha, announced the establishment of two new vegetable and fruit markets in Gujjar Khan and Doulatala.

New Vegetable and Fruit Markets

vegetable and Fruit Markets

Commissioner Chatha highlighted that Rawalpindi has historically relied on Islamabad’s markets, leading to a notable surge in the prices of essential commodities. With the absence of a dedicated market in Rawalpindi, the new initiative aims to mitigate the city’s dependency and stabilize prices.

“We recognize the impact on prices due to the dependence on Islamabad’s markets. Therefore, not one but two markets are being established in Gujjar Khan and Doulatala to compensate for the absence of such facilities for years,” Commissioner Chatha stated during the announcement.

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Following the successful establishment of a new vegetable and fruit market in Rawat, additional markets are now in the works in Doulatala and Gujjar Khan. This strategic move is expected to enhance accessibility to fresh produce for Rawalpindi residents and reduce the strain on transportation and logistics associated with importing goods from Islamabad.

Commissioner Chatha urged officials to expedite the development work on these new markets, emphasizing the need for a swift and efficient implementation process. Additionally, he directed the assistant commissioner to facilitate the relocation of the illegal fruit and vegetable market at Guyana Mor in Gujjar Khan to the designated area in Hailian.

The establishment of these markets aligns with the local administration’s commitment to ensuring food security, stabilizing prices, and fostering economic growth in Rawalpindi. The move is anticipated to not only bolster the local economy but also improve the overall quality and affordability of fresh produce for the residents of Rawalpindi.

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