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CDA’s Reluctance Delays Arrival of 30 Electric Buses for Urban Transport Project

Urban Transport Project

The officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are reportedly hesitating to make crucial decisions, causing a ripple effect of challenges for the much-anticipated urban transport project in the federal capital. The primary reason behind this delay is a series of inquiries that have left the civic authority cautious in moving forward.

Urban Transport Project

Urban Transport Project

The urban transport project, aimed at introducing 160 electric buses on 13 routes across the federal capital, has hit a roadblock as the Chinese company contracted for manufacturing the buses faces hurdles in transporting 30 completed electric buses to Pakistan. The reluctance of CDA officials to greenlight critical decisions is hindering the project’s progress.

Sources reveal that the Chinese company has diligently prepared 30 electric buses ready for transportation to Pakistan. However, due to the ongoing reluctance and cautious approach of the CDA, the buses remain stranded, delaying the much-anticipated project.

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To address the concerns and uncertainties surrounding the buses, the CDA has decided to conduct a third-party audit of all the electric buses. A team of consultants and engineers, accompanied by CDA officials, is set to embark on a trip to China at the end of this month. The purpose of the visit is to inspect the buses thoroughly and prepare a comprehensive report that will play a crucial role in determining whether the buses should be brought to Pakistan or not.

This unexpected delay has raised concerns among the public and stakeholders eagerly awaiting the implementation of the urban transport project. The decision-making paralysis within the CDA has not only affected the transportation plans but has also left the Chinese company in a precarious situation.

It is worth mentioning that CDA had initially planned to operate the electric buses on 13 routes across the federal capital, starting with two routes in the first phase. Despite being engaged in the procurement process for the buses for the past year, the civic authority is grappling with persistent delays, causing frustration and impatience among the citizens eagerly anticipating the modernization of the capital’s public transportation system.

As the third-party audit looms on the horizon, the fate of the electric buses and the overall urban transport project hangs in the balance. The CDA will be under increased scrutiny to address the inquiries promptly and make informed decisions that will pave the way for the much-needed improvement in the federal capital’s public transportation infrastructure.