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Caretaker Minister Drives Swift Upgradation of 20 Islamabad Schools

Upgradation of 20 Islamabad Schools

Caretaker Minister of Federal Education, Madad Ali Sindhi, has taken a proactive step towards improving the educational landscape in Islamabad. During his visit to F-63 School, Minister Sindhi directed the immediate upgradation of 20 government primary schools in the capital city within the next six weeks. The move is aimed at enhancing educational infrastructure and raising the quality of learning across these institutions.

Upgradation of 20 Islamabad Schools

Upgradation of 20 Islamabad Schools

Minister Sindhi, impressed by the ongoing efforts at F-63 School, commended the local community’s remarkable dedication to improving facilities and educational standards. Witnessing the positive impact of community-driven initiatives, he expressed admiration for the collective commitment showcased at F-63 School.

Acknowledging the significant improvements achieved through collaboration, Minister Madad Ali Sindhi applauded the spirit of the local community, which has propelled the initiative at F-63 School. He emphasized the importance of such community-led efforts in fostering a conducive learning environment for students and enhancing the overall educational experience.

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The directive to upgrade 20 government primary schools aligns with the caretaker minister’s commitment to promoting accessible and quality education. The targeted timeline of six weeks reflects the urgency attached to this initiative, signaling a swift and dedicated approach to address the educational needs of primary school students in Islamabad.

The Ministry of Federal Education, under Minister Sindhi’s guidance, aims to create a positive impact on the education sector by fostering collaboration between government institutions and local communities. The upgradation of these schools is expected to set a precedent for similar initiatives nationwide, emphasizing the crucial role of community involvement in shaping the future of education in Pakistan.