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Islamabad Launches Special Campaign Against Traffic Violators

Traffic Violators

To enhance road safety and enforce traffic regulations, Islamabad has launched a special campaign targeting traffic violators, with a particular focus on motorcyclists riding without helmets, overloading passengers, and vehicles lacking proper number plates.

Special Campaign Against Traffic Violators

Traffic Violators

Over the past 24 hours, the Islamabad Capital Police have taken proactive measures against traffic offenders, resulting in legal actions and the impoundment of numerous motorcycles. A total of 259 motorcyclists were penalized for riding without helmets, and 53 motorcycles were seized across various police stations in the federal capital.

Additionally, legal actions were initiated against motorcyclists violating traffic rules, leading to the impoundment of nine motorcycles across different police stations. Furthermore, a stringent crackdown on motorcycles lacking proper number plates resulted in legal consequences for 25 violators, with 21 motorcycles seized during this operation.

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Sarfraz Virk, the Chief Traffic Officer of Islamabad, emphasized the significance of the ongoing special drive aimed at ensuring strict compliance with traffic laws. The initiative underscores the commitment of the Islamabad Capital Police to create safer road conditions for all citizens.

Citizens are strongly encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and adhere to city traffic laws. Chief Traffic Officer Sarfraz Virk specifically highlighted the importance of motorcyclists wearing helmets and displaying valid number plates issued by the Excise and Taxation Department.

The special campaign aims not only to penalize offenders but also to raise awareness about the critical role that individual compliance plays in creating a safer and more organized traffic environment. With a focus on motorcycles, the enforcement drive seeks to curb risky behavior and enhance overall road safety standards within the federal capital.

As the crackdown intensifies, it is anticipated that the campaign will contribute to a positive shift in road user behavior, ultimately leading to improved traffic management and reduced road accidents in Islamabad. Authorities urge all residents to play their part in building a culture of responsible and law-abiding road use for the benefit of the entire community.