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Tower 12 Islamabad | Opp. F-9 Park | NOC Approved | Prices & Map

Tower 12 Islamabad

Tower 12 Islamabad is CDA-Approved, 11-storey, and 60747 sq.ft commercial building located at Jinnah avenue, in New Blue Area Islamabad. Its developers are Nauman Builders and Pioneer Group, well-known real estate developers of Islamabad. It is a state-of-art project proposed to fulfill the ultimate commercial and corporate needs of the real estate industry.

Tower 12 Islamabad NOC Approved Prices and Map.
Tower 12 Islamabad NOC Approved Prices and Map.

Its sophisticated design, attractive exterior and interior, and floor map prove the skills and expertise of the developing and building team. The tower has luxurious corporate offices and commercial shops with duplex facilities for both visitors and businessmen. Its prime location is a crucial factor to get appreciated by the outlet owners and visitors because it is easily accessible from all the routes of Islamabad.

Tower 12 Islamabad Owners and Developers

Tower 12 Islamabad is an insignificant emerging project in Islamabad bringing desirable opportunities for the corporate sector. It is developed by the well-known developers Nauman Builders and Pioneer Group. The developers are well-reputed for timely project delivery, and they also deliver the projects before the due date. Their specialty is that they only start working on CDA-Approved projects and gain the customer’s interest and trust. They possess a great portfolio for developing some high-end projects in Islamabad, such as; Allegiance (New Blue Area Islamabad), G-7 Square (G-7 Markaz Islamabad), and Centre 9 (G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company, Islamabad).

Tower 12 Islamabad Owners and Developers

Tower 12 Islamabad Construction Update

Currently (as in May 2023) the shuttering of 10th Floor of Tower 12 is on going. InshAllah in the upcoming weeks, the lenter will be done.

Tower 12 Islamabad NOC Approval

NOC matters a lot whether it is about commercial or residential projects. The client is first concerned about the legal status of the project and verifies it by looking for its NOC (Non-Objection Certificate). Here the developers of Tower 12 Islamabad are well-known to start the projects after NOC approval. 

Tower 12 Islamabad is allegedly approved by CDA Islamabad. So, it is safe to say that commercial buyers can trust the project and invest in it with closed eyes. The authorities approved the NOC for plot no. 12 and the land area of 60747 sq.ft which includes lower ground, ground floor, 11 floors, and a mumty

Tower 12 Islamabad NOC
Tower 12 Islamabad NOC Approval

Tower 12 Islamabad Location

Tower 12 is located at the very prime location of New Blue Area Islamabad. The Tower has Mehran Gate of F-9 Park, at its opposite, with front on Main Jinnah Avenue and Back road of Ibn e Sina Road. Apart from that, the project site is just minutes away from several important places, including Centaurus Mall, F-9 Park, Fuel Station, F-10 Markaz, etc.

Tower 12 Islamabad is ideally located on Jinnah Avenue, G-9 Sector, near New Blue Area and in front of F-9 Park. Its prime location provides access through all the routes of Islamabad and makes it the most convenient commercial project. Investors rushed to buy the shops and offices here because of its location near New Blue Area Islamabad which is a commercial hub for new real estate projects. Plus the visitors and merchants in the tower will be mesmerized by the uninterrupted view of Margalla hills which will make the place irresistible. 

Tower 12 Islamabad Accessibility

Tower 12 Islamabad is located in an ideal location accessible via multiple routes in Islamabad.

  • 2 min drive away from Mangla Road 
  • 3 min drive away from Ibn-e-sina Road
  • 4 min drive away from Ibn-e-sina Metro Bus Station
  • 7 min drive away from Jinnah Avenue
  • 9 min drive away from main Margalla Road
  • 1 min drive away from Missile Chowk
  • 6 min drive away from Nazim-ud-din Road
  • 12 min drive away from Shaheed-e-Millat Metro Bus Station
  • 12 min drive away from Ataturk Avenue
  • 4  min drive away from F-10 Markaz
Tower 12 Floorplan
Tower 12 Islamabad Floorplan

Tower 12 Islamabad Nearby Landmarks and Areas

Tower 12 Islamabad is located near many important and convenient landmarks of Islamabad

Tower 12 Islamabad Nearby Landmarks and Areas

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Document Required for Plot Booking

Documents that are required for the booking of the plots are

●     CNIC copy of the buyer

●     CINC copy of the next of kin

●     2 Passport size pictures of the buyer

Document Requires for Plot Booking

Tower 12 Islamabad Masterplan/ Floor Plan/ Building Structure 

Tower 12 Islamabad is constructed on the total area of 60747 sq.ft. It has total 15 levels constructed and 11 floors are offered for commercial purposes. On lower ground and ground floors there will be shops and outlets. 1st floor is also kept for different shops. After that come corporate offices on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. Then comes MEP floor where all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are installed altogether because of their interconnections and continuous water and gas supply.

There will be restaurants on 5th floor and then start offices from 6th-11th floors. In the end comes a mumty having lifts, machine rooms, and water tanks. The exterior and interior design of the tower depicts the expertise of developers and their team. It is designed and being constructed by the professional team of engineers, architects, planners, builders, developers, interior and exterior designers. 

Tower 12 Islamabad Masterplan

Tower 12 Islamabad Floor Plan

Lower GroundShops
Ground FloorShops
1st FloorShops
2nd FloorOffices
3rd FloorOffices
4th FloorOffices
MEP FloorMechanical, electrical, and plumbing installments and systems.
5th FloorRestaurants
6th FloorOffices
7th FloorOffices
8th FloorOffices
9th FloorOffices
10th FloorOffices
11th FloorOffices
MumtyLifts, machine/plant room, water tanks, 

Tower 12 Islamabad Payment Plan

The official payment plan of the offices and shops is not announced by the developers yet. But stay tuned to get the further updates. We can tell you about the starting price and installments of the offices in Tower 12 Islamabad.

Tower 12 Islamabad Offices for sale

Office SizeTotal PriceAdvance Payment36 Monthly Installments
2.6 MarlaRs 44,100,000Rs 13,200,000Rs 875,000

Tower 12 Islamabad Features and Amenities

Tower 12 Islamabad is the best choice for corporate and business sector because of its prime location and floors allocation for shops and offices. There are all sorts of basic and luxurious facilities for visitors, shop owners, and office owners. Following are the basic features of Tower 12 Islamabad. 

Tower 12 Islamabad Features and Amenities

Prime Location

First of all let’s talk about the location. It is ideally located in front of F-9 Park near New Blue Area. Here the customers can enjoy the shopping experience as well as a nearby park is a good fun opportunity. It is easily accessible through all the main routes of Islamabad like Jinnah A-venue, Ibn-e-sina Metrobus Station, Mangla Road, and Main Margalla Road.


Its prices according to its location in a commercial hub Blue Area are surprisingly affordable for the businessmen. It provides them with many future chances to earn great returns due to hustle in the business. All the offices and shops are available on easy installments also.

Power supply

There is 24/7 power supply and power backups in the Tower 12 . It means that the office work and shopping will not be interrupted due to shortage of power supply. It is one of the basic requirements of the corporate world to have unstoppable working pace and routine.

Security and privacy

The building will have installed CCTV cameras to record all activities and keep track of everything like maintenance staff and service staff. Moreover any type of suspicious activity will be detected and stopped with the help of security surveillance control rooms and CCTV footage.

Security and privacy


There will be restaurants for an elegant dine in experience for officers and visitors coming for shopping. The restaurants will offer multiple types of cuisines, local and international brands. 

Lifts/ Elevators

Elevators are installed to make the transportation of people and goods throughout the building possible and convenient. The maintenance staff is hired to look after the elevators and make sure that no emergency occurs. Latest technology lifts are installed and the operating machinery is fixed in the MEP floor to have immediate access in case of emergency.

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Reasons to invest in Tower 12 Islamabad

Tower 12 Islamabad is going to be a successful project in future due to many factors. It has its own value when we talk about investment and return on investments. Some reasons play a great role in making this project desirable by many businessmen.

  • NOC approved by CDA
  • Developed by well known Nauman Builders and Pioneer Group
  • Located on the prime location of New Blue area and Jinnah Avenue, in front of F-9 Park
  • Offers large number of shops and offices on affordable prices and installments.

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How to book shops and offices in Tower 12 Islamabad?

You can get all the details about shops and offices booking in Tower 12 Islamabad by contacting us on 0331-1110737.

FAQs About Tower 12 Islamabad

Is Tower 12 Islamabad’s NOC approved?

Yes, the NOC (CDA/DDBCS-I-6(33)P-12/F-9/G-9/333) of Tower 12 is approved by CDA.

What are the Prices in Tower 12 Islamabad?

Total Price of an Office in Tower 12 Starts from Rs. 4.4 crores (Down payment: 30%)

Who are the developers of Tower 12 Islamabad?

It is developed by Nauman Builders and Pioneer Group.

What is Tower 12 Islamabad?

Tower 12 Islamabad is a commercial building project located in New Blue Area Islamabad, adjacent to Jinnah avenue, in front of F-9 Park.

Where is Tower 12 located?

Tower 12 is located on Main Jinnah Avenue Oppo. to F-9 Park Gate, New Blue Area Islamabad.

How much Area does Tower 12 Covers?

Tower 12 Islamabad is constructed on the total area of 60747 sq.ft.

Are the offices available on installments?

Yes, the offices are available on installments.

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