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Top Real Estate Companies & Agents In Islamabad

Top Real Estate Companies & Agents In Islamabad

Real estate agencies and top real estate companies are considered pillars of a society or community. They not only buy and sell the pieces of land but also form a relationship of trust with their clients. A whole real estate sector of an economy depends on them.

The agents also help their clients with most of their real estate transactions and deal only on good terms. They keep their customers well-informed about all the trends and updates in the market and cater to them with multiple business opportunities at a time. Not all people are experts and they majorly rely on the agents for verification. The agents generally provide them with all the relevant details and documents.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and it ranks in one of the top positions among the world’s most beautiful capital cities. The majority of Pakistanis and tourists wish to reside in Islamabad or want to invest in the projects located there. It is popular due to the breathtaking view of Margalla Hills, clean environment, and lush green surroundings. So, the agents and developers are working their best to make it more beautiful by developing the most magnificent and sophisticated projects in Islamabad. These companies deserve to be listed in a separate piece of writing and people should know their contribution to the real estate sector. Here are the following real estate agencies in Islamabad.


Zameen.com is a digital real estate agency founded in 2006 by two brothers Zeeshan and Imran Ali Khan. It is considered Pakistan’s first online property dealing portal now with more than 5 million monthly visitors. It has approximately 11 million properties listed, 14500 registered agents, and 1000 developers. More than 1 million people have subscribed to it. The company has the following pros and cons.

What Difference they are Creating?

In 2013 Zameen.com launched a mobile version of the app that made it way easier for the user to operate and make deals. Not only this, but in March 2013 the developers also launched the Urdu version of the app and made it understandable for every Pakistani. It helped them gain wider visitors and the interface got more convenient and user-friendly.


It is a huge and trusted platform to buy and sell property. You can find multiple clients and can easily choose a suitable one.


The advertisement listing is not much controlled and there are chances of scams and frauds through ads uploaded here. 


Agency21 is a digital platform that claims to be Pakistan’s Estate Agency Network where you can search properties for sale and rent. The team of Agency21 guides clients with a professional attitude and facilitates safe, secure, and easy transactions. The company holds the hand of a client and helps him take every single step in the real estate world.

What Difference they are Creating?

The Agency21 is not only providing a digital platform for finding the right property but also offers many other facilities like doing a comparative market analysis for the clients and providing ease in purchases and selling procedures.


It is a good information source about all the current real estate updates.


The project prices are high compared to other digital apps and websites.


Graana.com is Pakistan’s popular online real estate marketplace that targets a modernized real estate sector of Pakistan with convenient options to approach the desired clients. It facilitates the visitors with the options to buy, rent, and invest. It means that only one platform is here to help you out with all your demands.

What Difference they are Creating?

They claim to be Pakistan’s 1st online real estate market place which not only helps the locals to find suitable properties but also makes the process and facts transparent for overseas Pakistanis so they can invest in a hassle-free environment.


Graana.com provides good control over the property listing due to more requirements and it operates in a limited area. These are the facts that help them do quality control over the buying and selling activities.


It offers limited portals and operating areas so not all investors can avail of its quality services and desired projects.


Amanah. pk is Pakistan’s first Shariah Compliant real estate investment company. The Shariah Compliant investment activities majorly involve risk-free and evidence-based investments which are free of any kind of concealment, fraud, and misrepresentation. While dealing with buying and selling properties in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Amanah is aiming to achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly environment by planting a tree for each inverter’s investment to support the Miyawaki plantation. 

Unique features of Amanah

Amanah.pk provides real estate services based on Shariah Compliant guidelines. These are the guidelines to be followed for real estate buying, selling, plots booking, flats & houses, and other investment methods. 

On the other hand, the company is also looking forward to contributing to the Miyawaki plantation campaign by planting a tree for each investor. It will contribute to restoring the eco-friendly environment and which ultimately helps reduce many environmental issues.


  • Pakistan’s first Shariah Compliant real estate investment company. 
  • Plants a tree for each investor.


  • Operations are limited to the extent of twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad)
  • Shariah Compliant operations provide limited chances as compared to conventional investment methods.

One Eleven

One Eleven is a real estate organization offering wide operations such as development, investments, marketing, sales, and property management. The company aims to provide innovative ideas in the real estate world and bring this sector to whole new trends and technologies.

How it Differs from others?

It focuses on generating new ideas to reduce the energy and cost being spent on the current projects. Their mission `is to build unique commercial and residential projects with modern lifestyles.


  • They brought a great organizational start.
  • They offer great projects.


  • The company is new in the market so it will take time to gather clients and investments.

Star Marketing

Star Marketing is one of the most popular real estate agencies in Pakistan. They are working for more than a decade in the real estate sector and they implement simple but effective solutions to the client’s problems and inconveniences. They are currently operating in multiple cities in Pakistan and are also well-known across borders. They are one of the top real estate marketing companies with more than 10 million potential leads.

How is it Unique?

They are operating in numerous cities of Pakistan like as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Nowshera, Larkana, Gawadar, Gujranwala, Mardan, and many more. Not only this but they are associated with international real estate marketing affiliates in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and Gulf Region.


  • Working for more than a decade.
  • Connected to international marketing associates


  • Old-fashioned marketing techniques and ways of working.
  • No innovative moves and projects.

Zem Builders

Zem Builders are developing commercial, residential, and corporate projects in twin cities. Innovation is the main focus of this organization and the team is working day and night to deliver all the proposed projects. The company has introduced and delivered numerous projects and has earned a name in the real estate industry by working hard and doing strong marketing. 

What Difference they are Creating?

Zem Builders promote a modern lifestyle by implementing the latest methods and technologies in the projects. Their mission is to provide clients with all the possible and latest amenities right at the promised time. 


  • Offer their own residential, commercial, and corporate projects.


  • Operating in a limited area.


In Islamabad, many developers and agencies are working day and night to provide a standard lifestyle to the citizens and residents. The above-discussed agencies and companies are contributing a lot to promote real estate projects in the capital while maintaining and restoring the beauty of the city. All these companies possess a unique feature that makes them all different and a great contributors to real estate.

Published by: Hammad Shah 

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