Bringing Shariah Compliance To Real Estate was difficult, but not Impossible.

But This TEAM made this Possible

For me Shariah Compliance and Sustainability is something really close to my heart. The only sector that produces more than 37% of country’s wealth is the most uncertain and unreliable one.

I wanted to make it reliable and eco-friendly. And with this vision, I started Amanah; A Shariah Compliant Real Estate Advisory that will not only offer a complete different and risk-free investment ecosystem but will also work on Pakistan’s most important issue of Pakistan i.e. Environment pollution.

Haseeb Alam Khan


Shakeel Khan

Chariman Real Estate

Starting was a vision that my son (Haseeb Alam Khan – CEOI_ brought and I joined hands with his vision to proceed this cause forward. 

We are proud that we are Pakistan’s First Shairah Compliant Real Estate Advisory that offers Shariah Compliant Investments in Top Projects of Pakistan.

Core Team

Syed Jawwad Shah

Director Projects
An exceptional personality with

Hammad Shah

Director Marketing & IT
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Rana Kamran

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Sales Team

Baseer Khan

Business Development Officer (BDO)
A blend of Pushto and Urdu, Mr. Baseer Khan holds a background from Quetta

Fayyaz Khan

Business Development Officer (BDO)
Available to guide you with real estate investments in Islamabad

Ahmed Munir

Business Development Officer (BDO)
A passionate young professional with expertise in High Rise Commercials

Rana Waqas

Sales Accounts Manager
Handling Company's cashflow and Sales Accounts Management