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CDA Unveils Ambitious Plan for Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management

To combat environmental pollution, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has embarked on a comprehensive initiative for sustainable waste management focused on recycling and proper disposal of solid waste in the city. The move comes as a response to the escalating concerns about the adverse impact of unchecked waste accumulation on the environment.

Plan for Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management

The initiative, which commenced with studies conducted by the Urban Unit Lahore from January to March 2023, encompasses a wide range of activities to understand, manage, and mitigate the solid waste crisis in the capital. For Rs 21.9 million, the studies include waste characterisation, waste generation analysis, a situational analysis report, municipal solid waste collection, haulage, treatment and disposal, rapid assessment report of landfill sites, and a communication and behavior change strategy.

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Despite the efforts invested in these studies, the CDA has faced obstacles in developing an effective waste disposal system, primarily due to land unavailability and legal issues. However, officials are optimistic about overcoming these challenges in the near future.

One key aspect of the initiative is the development of a comprehensive system that promotes solid waste minimisation, reuse, segregation at source, and recycling. The goal is to adhere to environmental standards and ensure optimum disposal through landfilling. This multifaceted approach is expected to take about a year to implement fully.

In a significant move towards waste reduction, the CDA initiated a pilot project last year to segregate solid waste. The project aims not only to decrease environmental pollution but also to facilitate commercial recycling of various items.

Significance of the Plan for Sustainable Waste Management

The need for such initiatives is paramount, given the quantity of solid waste generated in the federal capital. Approximately 700 tonnes of waste are collected and transported daily by the Sanitation Directorate and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI). The new waste management strategy is envisioned to address this issue by encouraging recycling, reuse, treatment, and scientific disposal of different waste components.

A spokesperson from the CDA highlighted the critical requirement for waste sorting, emphasizing that it plays a pivotal role in reducing overall waste output. Additionally, it aids in identifying reusable items and setting aside those suitable for recycling. Proper waste segregation practices, coupled with an informed workforce, are essential in preventing recyclable materials from being discarded with general waste.

As the CDA pushes forward with its ambitious waste management initiative, it signifies a step towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for the capital city, aligning with global efforts to combat environmental degradation.