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TLP Organizes ‘Storm Al-Aqsa Million March’ in Solidarity with Palestine

Storm Al-Aqsa Million March

Many workers belonging to the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) have converged on the streets of Islamabad today, taking part in the ‘Storm Al-Aqsa Million March’ initiated by the TLP. The march, which commenced from Faizabad and is heading towards Constitution Avenue, seeks to express unwavering support for the Palestinian people in their ongoing struggle.

The TLP’s Call to Action

Storm Al-Aqsa Million March

The TLP officially announced this Storm Al-Aqsa Million March on the federal capital approximately a month ago, setting the date for November 5, 2023. Their mission was clear: stand in unity with the people of Palestine as they continue their fight for justice and self-determination in the region.

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Underneath the Faizabad bridge, the Express Highway became a sea of TLP workers who gathered fervently to be part of the ‘Storm Al-Aqsa Million March.’ The marchers, waving Palestinian flags, displayed their solidarity and unwavering commitment to the cause. Many arrived in vehicles, including cars and buses, further adding to the dramatic visual representation of support for Palestine.

Security Measures Enforced

In response to the TLP’s march, the local administration and police took significant security measures to ensure the public’s safety and maintain law and order. The Red Zone of Islamabad was entirely sealed off, with all routes leading to it obstructed by strategically placed containers. Key intersections, such as Ayub Chowk, Express Chowk, and Nadra Chowk, were cordoned off to ensure the march remained within the intended route.

Approximately 3,000 police personnel were deployed around the Red Zone, bolstered by anti-riot and Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel stationed along routes leading to the high-security area. These measures were taken to prevent any untoward incidents and maintain public safety.

The Judiciary’s Stance on the TLP

It is pertinent to note that during the hearing of appeals related to the Supreme Court’s Faizabad dharna case judgement on November 1, a three-judge bench led by Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa, along with Justice Aminuddin and Justice Athar Minallah, expressed their stance regarding the TLP.

Chief Justice Isa explicitly advised the election commission’s lawyer not to use the prefix “hafiz” when referring to the TLP workers involved in the Faizabad sit-in. Moreover, the court rejected the commission’s implementation report on the Faizabad dharna case, which had previously cleared the TLP of accusations related to anti-state activities or receiving foreign funds.

The scrutiny of the TLP’s foreign funds revealed that the party had received financial contributions from overseas, according to the report submitted during the proceedings.

Final Thoughts on Storm Al-Aqsa Million March

As the ‘Storm Al-Aqsa Million March’ progresses, it draws attention not only to the TLP’s show of support for Palestine but also to the heightened security measures taken to ensure public safety during the event. The judiciary’s stance on the TLP remains an issue of ongoing interest, particularly regarding their foreign funding sources.

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