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Steel Bar Prices Fall to Record Low After USD Drop

Steel bar prices

The steel industry in Pakistan has witnessed a significant drop in steel bar prices, reaching a record low following the recent anti-smuggling crackdown on steel scrap and a decline in the US Dollar (USD) rates. This development comes as a relief for the construction sector but raises concerns in other areas.

Steel bar prices

Steel Bar Prices Plummet

After the combined drop in USD rates and stringent measures against steel scrap smuggling, steel bar prices plummeted to a record low, declining by 50,000 per tonne. Previously priced at Rs290,000 per tonne, the steel bar’s cost has decreased to Rs240,000 per tonne.

This substantial price drop has raised optimism within the construction industry. Traders believe that if the production cost can be further reduced, it could result in even more favourable prices for consumers, who have experienced significant increases in the cost of construction materials throughout the year.

Rising Construction Costs

On the flip side, while steel bar prices have decreased, other construction materials such as cement, bajri (sand), and bricks have seen significant price hikes. This cost increase puts pressure on the overall construction industry, as the higher prices for these essential materials can impact project budgets.

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Pakistani Rupee Gains Ground

The Pakistani rupee (PKR) has been on an upward trajectory against the US Dollar, mainly due to the authorities’ persistent efforts to curb smuggling and stabilize the currency. In the interbank market, the rupee gained Rs1.16 against the US dollar on Tuesday, trading at Rs280.49. According to currency dealers, banks sold the dollar to importers at Rs280.84.

In the open market, the US dollar depreciated by one rupee sold at Rs 279.50 in the morning trade. This trend follows a significant decline in the US dollar’s value in Pakistan, which has shed 26.61 rupees in the interbank market since September 5, 2023. In the open market, the US dollar has dropped by Rs48.50 during the same period.

The strengthening of the Pakistani rupee is expected to positively and negatively affect the country’s economy, and its impact will be closely monitored in the coming months.

As steel bar prices reach a record low, the construction industry looks forward to cost savings while other segments of the construction sector grapple with rising costs for other materials. The exchange rate developments also indicate broader economic changes that experts and stakeholders closely watch.

Final Words

The decline in steel bar prices is a welcome relief for the construction industry, thanks to anti-smuggling efforts and a drop in the USD rate. However, soaring costs of other construction materials and strengthening the PKR pose challenges and opportunities for Pakistan’s economy. It’s crucial to carefully observe these developments and maintain a balanced approach to sustain economic stability.


What is the steel price in Pakistan today?

The price of steel is Rs 240,000 per tonne in Pakistan today.

What is the price of Saria in Pakistan?

The price of saria is Rs 240,000 per tonne in Pakistan today.

What is the price of g60 steel in Pakistan?

The price of Amreli Steel is Rs.234 per kg, Ittefaq Steel is Rs.239 per kg, Mughal Steel
is Rs.233 per kg, and Kamran Steel is Rs.232 per kg.

What is the cost of 1 ton of steel?

The latest cost of 1 ton of steel is PKR 240,000 today.

Which steel is best in Pakistan?

Pakistan Steel Mills produces the best steel in Pakistan.