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Chief Commissioner Sets New Speed Limits for Islamabad

Speed Limits

To prioritize road safety and streamline traffic flow, the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory has issued a comprehensive notification outlining revised speed limits for various vehicles across the region. The updated regulations, effective immediately, are aimed at creating a safer and more efficient road environment.

Key Details of the Traffic Regulation Update

Speed Limits

The revised speed limits are applicable immediately on major roads and highways in Islamabad. Differentiated speed limits have been set for Light Transport Vehicles (LTV) and Heavy Transport Vehicles/Public Service Vehicles (HTV/PSV) on various road segments. The initiative focuses on ensuring smoother traffic operations and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Speed limits are categorized into three areas:

Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Highway, and Murree Road; Bharakau; Constitution Avenue, Jinnah Avenue, Faisal Avenue, Khyaban-e-Iqbal, Park Road, New 7 Avenue, and New 9 Avenue; Lehtrar Road; Kahuta Road, and Sihala Bazar; Principal Road; Major Roads (Faizabad to Nasirabad); Dualized Service Road; Single Service Road; Street and Sectoral Roads; and Roads/Streets near Schools/Hospital.

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Stringent enforcement measures will be in place to ensure compliance with the revised speed limits. Both local and visiting drivers are urged to stay informed about these changes. These speed limits will directly impact daily commutes, affecting travel times and traffic dynamics. Adapting to these changes is crucial for a seamless transition to the updated regulations.

As Islamabad adapts to these revamped speed limits, the community is encouraged to stay vigilant and comply with the latest traffic directives. The goal is not only to regulate speed but also to foster a safer and more efficient road environment for everyone.

This strategic effort to enhance road safety reflects the commitment of the authorities to create a secure and orderly traffic system in the capital city. The success of these measures will depend on the cooperation of the community and the effective enforcement of the regulations.