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CDA Implements High-Tech Solution to Combat Vehicle Misuse and Fuel Theft

Solution to Combat Vehicle Misus

To address long-standing concerns over the misuse of government vehicles and theft of petrol and diesel, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) administration, under the leadership of Chairman Captain (retd) Anwarul Haque, has announced the implementing of a cutting-edge technology-driven solution to combat vehicle misuse.

Solution to Combat Vehicle Misuse

Solution to Combat Vehicle Misus

Sources reveal that the Member IT and Technology, under the direct guidance of Chairman Haque, has developed a foolproof mechanism to ensure transparency and accountability in the usage of government vehicles. The initiative is set to be rolled out in two phases, starting with commercial vehicles and later extending to vehicles used by CDA officers.

Under the new system, the supply of petrol and diesel to all CDA vehicles will be centralized, with CDA’s own petrol pumps exclusively providing fuel. Each vehicle will be equipped with a PSO card, ensuring a fixed and controlled amount of petrol or diesel is dispensed.

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The key components of the system include fuel sensors and vehicle trackers installed in every vehicle. Fuel monitoring will be conducted through state-of-the-art sensors, while vehicle tracking will be facilitated by GPS-enabled trackers. An alarm system will be triggered if a vehicle deviates from its designated route, providing real-time alerts to the monitoring team. Additionally, the system allows for remote locking of vehicles to prevent unauthorized use.

This comprehensive monitoring system will be administered by the IT department of the CDA, marking a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency and curbing financial losses due to fuel theft and misuse. The initial phase will focus on approximately 300 commercial vehicles, with the subsequent phase extending the monitoring to an equivalent number of officers’ vehicles.

The move comes in response to persistent complaints of theft and unauthorized use of petrol and diesel, leading to significant financial losses amounting to approximately one billion rupees annually. Security authorities have frequently caught drivers red-handed, and complaints of vehicles being used for private purposes have also been widespread.

The introduction of this advanced technology is poised to revolutionize the management of CDA’s vehicle fleet, ensuring a more accountable and transparent utilization of resources while addressing longstanding issues of misuse and theft.