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Safe City Islamabad Boosts Police Communication with TETRA Network

Safe City Islamabad

The Safe City Islamabad has introduced an innovative wireless call system on the TETRA network, a move aimed at enhancing the security and reliability of wireless communication within the police force, according to a police spokesman on Thursday.

Safe City Islamabad’s Latest Technology

Safe City Islamabad

This cutting-edge system ensures the automatic securing of police department calls, employing recognized encryption protocols to transfer all call types seamlessly to police stations throughout the district via computer systems. The initiative comes as part of the continuous efforts to upgrade the city’s security infrastructure and improve communication capabilities among law enforcement agencies.

The introduction of this new feature aligns with the directives of the Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO), Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan. The Chief Police Officer (CPO) of Safe City/Traffic, following the ICCPO’s specific instructions, spearheaded the implementation of the wireless call system on the TETRA network, marking a significant milestone in enhancing the police communication network.

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With this advanced feature, the record of all calls will be securely maintained, contributing to efficient monitoring and documentation of communication within the police department. The CPO Safe City/Traffic emphasized that the Islamabad Capital Police is committed to leveraging every available resource to ensure the safety of citizens’ lives and property.

Furthermore, he highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Islamabad Capital Police and federal government authorities, utilizing advanced technical resources to establish a robust foundation for security in the capital. The implementation of this state-of-the-art wireless call system reflects the commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to address evolving security challenges.

The CPO Safe City/Traffic urged citizens to actively cooperate with law enforcement and promptly report any suspicious activities or items to the relevant police station, the emergency helpline “Pukar-15,” or through the “ICT-15” mobile app. The engagement of the community is essential for building a safer environment, and the new wireless call system reinforces the commitment to modernizing and strengthening the security apparatus in the capital city.