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Rawalpindi Division Gears Up for Rs 40 Billion Uplift Projects

Rs 40 Billion Uplift Projects

To transform the infrastructure landscape of Rawalpindi division, ADB has commenced multiple Rs 40 billion uplift projects. According to official sources, these initiatives are poised to bring about substantial improvements in water supply, a critical facet of urban development.

Rs 40 Billion Uplift Projects

Rs 40 Billion Uplift Projects

A key project currently underway aims to ensure uninterrupted water supply to all six union councils of Khayaban-e-Sir Syed in Rawalpindi, which have been designated as model union councils. The initiative involves augmenting the water supply from Khanpur Dam, with work already initiated at the Sangjani Water Treatment Plant junction. This enhancement will enable direct distribution to all Khayaban-e-Sir Syed Union Councils, with the anticipated commencement of water supply in February of the upcoming year.

Sources suggest that this project holds the potential to significantly improve the water supply in the region, ensuring a reliable and consistent source for the residents. Simultaneously, another major ADB-supported project is progressing, focusing on the installation of a new water supply pipeline from Rawal Dam to Rawalpindi City. The initiative aims to replace the ageing cement pipeline from the 1960s with a modern, smaller-diameter steel pipeline, providing an additional five million gallons of water per day to Rawalpindi.

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A third pivotal initiative in the pipeline involves establishing a substantial water pipeline from Chahan Dam to the city. This initiative is complemented by the construction of a 200,000-gallon underwater storage tank and a new water treatment plant, further bolstering the region’s water infrastructure.

The ADB Country Director has personally inspected the project sites, emphasizing the significance of these endeavors for the region’s development. Work on all three projects is scheduled to commence either by the end of December or the beginning of January, marking a milestone in Rawalpindi’s journey towards enhanced urban infrastructure and improved water management.

As these transformative projects unfold, they underscore the collaborative efforts between the Asian Development Bank and local authorities, demonstrating a shared commitment to fostering sustainable development and addressing critical infrastructure needs in the Rawalpindi division.