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Residents Decry Deteriorating Roads in Rawalpindi Due to Official Neglect

Roads in Rawalpindi

The indifferent and lethargic attitude of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) officials has left residents in densely populated areas of the garrison city grappling with the daily ordeal of navigating dilapidated roads. The dire state of thoroughfares, including Range Road, Misrial Road, and Chauhar Bazaar, has not only led to frequent accidents but has also become a major source of traffic disruptions, causing misery for the local populace.

Deteriorating Roads in Rawalpindi 

Roads in Rawalpindi

According to sources, the RCB’s neglect has resulted in inadequate funds and resources being allocated for the repair and reconstruction of these vital roadways. Locals have voiced concerns that recent patchwork, carried out with substandard materials, proved futile, exacerbating the roads’ conditions within weeks.

Expressing regret, citizens informed The Express Tribune that roads previously in good condition, such as Peshawar Road and Mall Road, underwent unnecessary reconstruction, diverting attention from the more crucial repairs needed in significant Cantt areas.

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Furthermore, citizens highlighted the dismal state of the drainage system alongside Range Road and Misrial Road. In some areas, water has risen to the surface, causing damage to the roads and creating challenges for vehicular traffic and pedestrians alike.

Residents, compelled by the lack of a proper drainage system, took matters into their own hands by digging a wide channel for drainage purposes. However, stagnant water in this channel has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, spreading ailments like dengue and emitting an unpleasant odor.

Citizens expressed frustration over the adverse impact on traffic flow, leading to congestion and an increased risk of accidents. They urged swift action from RCB officials to address the neglected infrastructure, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive repairs and improvements to ensure the well-being of the community.