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RDA Pivots Focus to Ring Road Project with Rs. 6 Billion Boost

Ring Road

With the upcoming elections on the horizon, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in Rawalpindi is directing its attention towards a pivotal initiative—the Ring Road project. The interim Punjab government has allocated a substantial budget of Rs. 6 billion to the RDA, covering the period from November to February.

This funding is specifically designated for construction activities, complementing the existing Rs. 6 billion earmarked for land procurement for the Ring Road project. The total expenditure for the Ring Road endeavor is estimated at Rs. 33.7 billion, encompassing Rs. 27 billion for construction and Rs. 6.7 billion for land acquisition.

RDA’s Efforts on the Ring Road Project

Ring Road

In addition to the Ring Road project, the RDA has undertaken the refurbishment of the 6th Road Metro Bus Station, a project not initially included in the annual development plan. The repair work, costing Rs. 99 million, was initiated at the request of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, with the government providing the requisite funds.

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Despite proposing over five development schemes, the RDA has, as of now, secured funding exclusively for the Ring Road project, leaving other development initiatives on hold. Simultaneously, the government has allocated Rs. 1 million for a four-month period to acquire land for a water supply project from Daducha Dam, overseen by the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa). With a total budget of Rs. 900 million, this project aims to establish filtration plants and lay a water supply system from Daducha Dam to the garrison city.

Furthermore, Rs. 19 million has been earmarked for two Wasa uplift schemes. Among these, Rs. 18 million is allocated for the rehabilitation of the sewerage system in Satellite Town and adjacent areas—a component of a larger Rs. 200 million project. An additional Rs. 1 million has been dedicated to a Rs. 5.195 billion initiative to establish four sewage treatment plants and sewerage lines in the vicinity of Rawal Lake. Under the supervision of the Capital Development Authority, this project will see a 35% contribution from the Punjab government towards the overall costs.

As the RDA focuses on the Ring Road project and other critical infrastructural developments, it remains at the forefront of enhancing the urban landscape in Rawalpindi, with an eye on the forthcoming elections.

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