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How to Retire at 40 with Real Estate in Pakistan?

How to Retire at 40 with Real Estate in Pakistan?

Thinking about a passive income and planning your retirement can be a traditional thing, but planning the same at the age of 40, that’s really smart. But how to do that in real estate industry?

But how do we do that in the real estate industry? One thing is for sure; Real Estate is the most suitable sector to get early retirement and achieve financial stability.

Although there are many options you can choose, we are here talking about the ones who are interested in it and ultimately most millionaires head towards investing in real estate. So why not now? The “Goal-Setting” is a concept that can be applied to retirement finances. Goals for getting retired are directly related to your finances. It elaborates on the types of financial sources you are going to rely on. Do you want to have an unlimited scheduled money supply? Do you want to earn passive income to afford all your basic and luxurious needs? Or do you want to buy more properties and keep selling them?

See, no one can choose the income source besides you. So, choose wisely and start working on it from today. Retirement at the age of 40 seems great but it takes a lot of hard and smart work.

Getting retired at 40 being a realtor in Pakistan takes much effort but helps you gain stability for the future in many ways.

  • It is the way you get guaranteed wealth for your generations ahead. 
  • The monetary value of real estate properties appreciates with time and always helps earn profit.
  • It is the ultimate source to provide the actual roof in case of need. 
  • You may also get tax breaks and exemptions in the real estate industry. 
  • Protects you against inflation as the prices rise and you earn double profit.
  • Rupee depreciation doesn’t affect real estate much and it is more profitable in many ways.
  • It serves as long-term security for you to enjoy secured retirement life.

Are you aware of the term (FIRE), not the actual fire, or not termination? It stands for Financial Independence-Retire Early. It has changed the minds of millions. But has everything to do with financial stability and then ultimately going for retirement at the age of 35-40 years. Every decision is always supported by some measures and steps. So is early retirement. It needs a person to focus on the following measures.

Prioritize Financial Security

At first, it seems very difficult for a newbie realtor to keep himself financially stable. Many people in this industry may come from a rich and stable background or they might have the business already running in the family. But you must be wondering that you are not one of them and you somehow will need to take the loans from the very beginning. See, taking the loans doesn’t make you financially unstable but not paying them off early does.

Our successful ancestors and mentors have always told us a technique to take the experience and pay off the debts together. Learn about the methods to pay off all your debts first. It will let you play safe. It is how you first make your path secure from all sorts of debts, interests, and markups. Meanwhile, you take spending that struggling phase as if you are investing your time in learning all the ups and downs of real estate. Finally, after this phase, you will emerge as a successful realtor with your properties in your hand. After some time of more business activities and years, you will find yourself ready for early retirement.  

Calculate Monthly Income

Ascertain all your necessary and extra expenses for the month. Being a Pakistani resident, you need to calculate all your utility bills, grocery expenses, family expenses, car fuel, maintenance expenses, and much more. But all the expenses should not exceed the amount you “actually” need to spend for a month. You’ll be surprised by seeing it to be less than you expected because we usually spend more than we need. 

Now keep that figure in mind. Generate enough rental cash flows. Once you start earning double the amount, you are good to go for a retirement decision.

Save an Emergency Reserve

As I mentioned that you have to earn double the amount you need. So, the amount you left is to be reserved for the emergency. Any unexpected expenses are on their way. Even some financial experts tell you to have almost three months’ income in your hand to meet your emergency need.

Evaluate Monthly Rental Income

The monthly rental income is the amount you earn from all the properties you have rented out. The amount your earn and the amount you spend, both fluctuate due to many variable factors. Sometimes you need more finances to meet an emergency, for maintenance and repairs, or sometimes your tenants leave the property unexpectedly. It all makes a lot of difference. 

So to calculate the exact figure, calculate the average amount out of all the rental incomes and exclude all the taxes to ascertain the exact amount of rental income.

Consider Buy-and-Hold Properties

To successfully retire early being a real estate agent, you are advised to purchase buy-and-hold properties. These will get you a stable income because the value of the property is most appreciated. It serves as a long-term investment because here you have to wait for the right tenant and eventually you are going to enjoy good terms with the tenants and get great revenue off of it.

Focus on the Property Maintenance

You have to keep some amount to meet the maintenance expenses of all your properties. Finding a good tenant may sound easy and pleasant, but keeping the same tenants on a long-term basis only depends on how you cooperate with them in maintaining the property in its true condition. It also secures the monetary value of the property for future deals.

Don’t Rush Finding Tenants- Wait for the right one

Finding good tenants may seem easy, but trust me it is not a piece of cake. In Pakistan, you will not find an official and administrative system to apply for rental property. You have to meet the party in person and it is a hectic job for sure. But still, you have to be patient and always have to be ready for property tours and inspections. 

Once you find the right tenants it will bring you a fruitful retirement ahead.

Keep Building an Impressive Portfolio

In the real estate industry of Pakistan, there are rare chances of you getting a jackpot deal overnight. So, you have to build your portfolio and name in the industry by making collaborations with other developers, investors, and realtors. 

You have to work day and night until everyone in the industry knows your goodwill and name. It is the time you can easily manage all your issues related to tenants, properties, taxes, and funds. Now you are an old player and you are ready for retirement. 

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