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Approval for the Restoration of F-9 Park Water Stream

Approval for the Restoration of F-9 Park Water Stream

F-9 Park’s several sections are being repaired and restored. A water stream of F-9 Park originating from Margalla Hills is also included in the restructuring plan. The officials involved in repairs notified that the water stream in F-9 park, once a popular fishing spot is getting polluted by the sewerage interruption from residential areas. That is why it needs to be restored to bring back the view. 

Approval for the Restoration of F-9 Park Water Stream

It became hard to jog around the 1 km radius of the stream during the summer. A repugnant odor used to emerge due to waste pipelines connected to the residential sector running through the center of the park’s greenbelt.

Restoring the water stream is going to benefit the surroundings and nearby landmarks, especially New Blue Area. The area already is full of greenery and close to nature, now the stream being in front of it is going to put more aesthetics to it.  People visiting here for shopping and work are going to get a striking view of the water stream. Tower 12 is one of the corporate buildings located in the New Blue Area, right in front of F-9 Park. Its buyers and visitors will enjoy the enhanced beauty of the New Blue Area due to a water stream.

Chief Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Usman Younis has said, “We have initiated the work to restore natural stream in F-9 Park. Now sewerage water will not be thrown into this stream and it will be fully protected against pollution coming from outside sources. Similar work is also underway in other areas to restore natural water streams to further add beauty to the green capital.”

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