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06 Reasons To Invest in Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon City Islamabad is a newly launched housing society on Main Chakri Road, near to Chakri Interchange, M-2 Motorway. Avalon City Islamabad is already a famous housing society because of its location as well as the smartly managed plan and it’s developers.

ZKB Developers are already a big name of industry and has delivered many different projects before this. This makes Avalon City in the safe hands and ofcourse it also impacts the overall trust-level of its clients.

Today in this article, I am discussing 05 Reasons To Invest In Avalon City Islamabad and in this I will be discussing everything in a bit detail.

1. Avalon City Islamabad is launching where the Market Is Already Set

What does this mean? Do you know that the location of Avalon City Islamabad is right opposite to Capital Smart City and many other famous housing societies like Blue World City, Abdullah City, Mivida, etc, surround this area.

You must have heard the names of these big housing societies before. These societies are already on Chakri Road and are operating and marketing themselves for years. Thus, they have established the market there, already.

Now, when you see Chakri Road, it is saturated with multiple gates of multiple societies and that’s the reason, Avalon City Islamabad is the best move of investment there. Why? Because the market is already set and the area i.e. Chakri Road is famous all over the world, for its Real-Estate Market center.

2. Accessibility and Location

Avalon City Islamabad is located at a very prime-location on Main Chakri Road. Experts say, Location is the most important factor in real-estate and that’s all true. With location, the value of land becomes three to four times. What comes in location? it’s definitely the road map and infrastructure surrounding the area.

In the case of Avalon City Islamabad, the location and accessibility is very prime. You can access Avalon City Islamabad directly from Chakri Interchange, via. Chakri Road. Also, you can reach Avalon City Islamabad from Rawalpindi via Dhamyal Camp. Both these roads can be used to access Avalon City.

3. Interchange of Capital Smart City.

Do you know that Capital Smart City has got the approval of a dedicated Interchange on Main Motorway. And an important fact here is that Avalon City Islamabad is located very close to Capital Smart City. Also, it is the rule that no one can stop your road. So, this establishes the fact that whenever the Interchange of Capital Smart City starts operating, it will also become a pathway for Avalon City. You will then enter Capital Smart City from Direct M-2 Motorway, via Dedicated Interchange, and pass the Capital Smart City to the other end i.e. Chakri Road and then enter Avalon City Islamabad.

4. Ring Road Rawalpindi.

Another Game-changer project in the area, that has been continuously facing different scenarios is the Ring Road. The plan for Ring Road has been revised multiple times, but whatever the situation is, some interchanges have always remained constant. Chakri Interchange of Ring Road is also a constant interchange that has been the exact part of the interchange in each plan.

Even though the project is currently in its dips and no work is happening but the work will start soon again and whenever it starts, the accessibility of Avalon City Islamabad from Ring Road via. Chakri Interchange (Ring Road) will become very easy and it will connect Avalon City to the rest of Rawalpindi, including the areas of Adyala Road, Till Radio Pakistan Stop of Ring Road (1st stop of Ring Road in Chakbeli area).

5. A Small and easily managed Society.

Avalon City Islamabad has managed to avail a small area of land in the vicinity. The whole area is already flooded with housing societies and in that case, as the volume of a society increases, the management weakens and then appears a lot of issues. When a society is small and controlled, it can work smoothly and deliver well in time. Avalon City Islamabad, being a small society is a very plus point, because it will be properly managed and they will deliver well in time.

6. Prices are very affordable

A very big benefit of Avalon City Islamabad is that its prices are very affordable and easy to pay. If we compare the prices of Avalon City with other housing societies let’s say Capital Smart City (which is right opposite to Avalon City) the price of a 05 Marla plot there are around 24 lacs, but as Avalon is a small and controlled project, the price of 05 Marla plot in Avalon City is just Rs. 1,350,000/- (13 lac 50 thousand only).

This makes Avalon City Islamabad, a very prime housing society to invest in. Similarly, if we talk about 10 Marla plot, it costs you only 24 lacs 90 thousand and 01 kanal plot will cost you only 46 lac 50 thousand and that also on easy installment plan of 36 months.

This was all about how Avalon is a best investment opportunity for you in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. But the series doesn’t end here. Because not only Avalon is the best, but Amanah.pk makes it, even more, better deal with it’s Shariah Compliant Dealing and No Markup Policy.

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan
Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

How Amanah.pk Makes Your Deal Better Than Before?

Amanah.pk is a unique marketing agency that offers Shariah Compliant Real Estate Investments. In this case, we are the pioneers of bringing Shariah Compliant transactions in the Real Estate Industry and that’s why we have some very strict Shariah policies that make us the best deal for those, who are end-users and want to have an authentic land for them, without any involvement of big multi-level investors.

First of all, As the form of a plot is not the plot, but an agreement that in the future, society will give you a plot against your file, as per laws of Shariah, dealing and trading of files or forms is truly prohibited which means that you cannot make profits (own or markups) on files or forms.

And that’s why we ourselves don’t ask for any own from our investors.

To make it even more transparent, we have made this policy of never dealing in open files. The reason is that many marketers sell open files in the market which are no one’s authority. As these files are no one’s that’s why we can’t sell them. You can only sell something to someone, if the thing is the property of the seller.

Published by: Hammad Shah 

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