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Real Estate Broker Or Agent. What’s the difference?

People think about hiring a Real Estate broker or agent before investing in real estate, buying or selling the property, or renting out a property. They are always helpful and work according to their client’s preferences. People use both terms for the same purpose without knowing the fact that they both are different people with different job responsibilities. They both are licensed to offer real estate services to clients but there is a difference between both these positions. People mostly get confused while choosing among two. So, let us explain it in depth. 

Real Estate Broker Or Agent
Real Estate Broker Or Agent

Real Estate Agent

  • A real estate agent performs all his duties under licensing criteria. He has the license to provide real estate facilities like arranging and attending meetings, site visits, house visits, and dealing with clients.
  • He works on a commission basis and receives a decided percentage out of the total selling price or the rent amount decided between tenant and landlord.
  • In many countries, real estate agents are not eligible for this job until they get a relevant degree, and then the authorities issue them licenses. But in Pakistan and some other countries, the authorities don’t require any specific educational background. They simply issue the license over some easy eligibility criteria. 
  • They are responsible to carry offers and counter offers between the clients and also negotiate on behalf of the clients.
  • An agent works with another agent after the offer acceptance between two parties for the paperwork and legal formalities. 
  • An agent works under a real estate brokerage firm and has to split his earnings with the agency or firm according to terms and conditions.
  • The agents are bound to work according to the broker’s or agency’s terms and orders.

Real Estate Broker

  • A real estate broker is the one hiring agents for his brokerage firm. He is a skilled and experienced person serving the real estate industry. 
  • To become a real estate broker, the agent has to polish his skills to study real estate and take a relevant certificate or degree. 
  • After accomplishing the education, the authorities provide him the license to work as a real estate broker and now he is allowed to open his brokerage firm or work as an independent broker. 
  • He works independently and may hire agents to work for him. He doesn’t need to split his earnings with anyone.
  • The broker’s work is more flexible and he has the freedom to make his own rules in the office and structure the policies according to his mindset and skills. 
Real Estate Broker Vs Agent

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Who should you choose? Real Estate Broker Or Agent ?

People barely know the difference between these two terms (Real Estate Broker Or Agent) and they don’t bother to ask the person they visit for the services. But it all makes sense when you know the difference.

Choosing a broker will help you see more variety of properties and projects because of his contacts and agents working under his authority. He is more like to accept your counteroffer for commission as he is not bound to share his profit with the agency.

On the other hand, the agent has to work on behalf of the agency and he is more concerned about grabbing the clients. Unlike brokers, the agents handle most of the matters themselves like house visits, negotiations, contacting the parties, and informing them of every update and detail. But the broker may assign these duties to agents and you find it hard to track the updates and contact the agents. But you can follow some instructions while choosing among these two.

  • Interview multiple brokers and agents.
  • Have a look at their portfolios and previous works.
  • Get recommendations from the purple around you and ask people who live near the real estate agencies and offices. 
  • Compare the commissions and fees according to your budget.

*A good real estate broker or agent will always put your preferences first and will not impose his choice on you.


It is now clear that there is an evident difference between the real estate broker and the agent. They both work to provide services to the clients but the broker has the education, skills, and more experience. He works independently whereas the agent works under a broker or an agency and is bound to work according to the terms and conditions of the brokerage firm. Now it is up to you to choose among these two. You can analyze their expertise and many other factors by the listed steps mentioned above. 

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