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RDA Shortlisting Town Planners For Mohanpura Scheme Rawalpindi

The Government of the Punjab / Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) intends to hire the services of a qualified Town Planning Consulting Firm registered with Pakistan Cour.] of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) for the preparation of Classification. Re-classification, Re-development MoahanPura Scheme.

The interested firms are to submit a REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (REP) along wrth the following information/particulars. duly supported with necessary documents.

  1. Name of firm / address of the registered office with telephone fax number and e-mad address including organization chart showing management structure
  2. 2. Certified true copy (in case of the company only). Memorandum/article of Association (as applicable. partnership deed (as applicable)
  3. 3. Certificate of Registration with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) Wong with the valid renewal letter upto 2022 in relev. project profile category
  4. 4. CeNfied bus copy (In case of company only, Of certificate of registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan or registrar of firms
  5. Relevant pro, wise experience with time duration for each Protect.
  6. List of similar works completed by the Firm during the last 05-years, indicating total cost of such works and cost of Consultancy Senesces received against those works along with date of start and ccdn.ban of an expected date of competition
  7. An undertaking by the consultants/firms / Ale to the effect that ‘Neither the firms/consultants Ns not as Directors / Stakeholders. as a whole or as a Part of the firm have axon been Black-fisted defaulted by any Government Agency / Department / Organization and also that the reams.pn suer.. by Me consultants /firm/ Ns Is corns.
  8. Certificate / Affidavit that the consultants firms /Ns Is not In Ilugabon with any client Superfluous / irrelevant information shall lead to disqualification
  9. Copy of registration with FBR and P. In case of firm/lead partner is unregistered with Puns. Revenue Authority then as per ruies of Punjab sates tax Special Procedure (withholding rules) 2015. the withholding agent Oa, deduct tax on gross value as per applicable rates of tax for as unregistered Persons. it.
  10. List of permanent professional staff along with CVs of relevant core staff showing relevant wt experience with exact time duration for each project.
  11. Rawalpindi pealalaPfnanl Anthony (RDA) Rawaipsidi reserves the decision on the ground that he had provided false. fabricated or materially incorrect information at any stage The RFP Document may be purchased by the interested bidders.