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CM Mohsin Naqvi Pushes for Swift Progress on Rawalpindi’s Ring Road Project

Rawalpindi's Ring Road Project

Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi continued his dedicated oversight of the pivotal Rawalpindi’s Ring Road Project, marking his third visit in 25 days to assess the pace and development of this vital garrison city initiative.

Project Assessment and Aerial Inspection

Rawalpindi's Ring Road Project

With an aerial survey spanning the entire 38-kilometer route, the chief minister examined the Khasala Khurd Adiala Interchange and scrutinized the progress of essential earthwork. A comprehensive briefing by FWO’s Colonel Ayaz highlighted the swift advancements, showcasing the arrival of heavy machinery for the construction, and the project’s overall rapid pace.

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Naqvi issued imperative directives to Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Chatha and FWO officials, emphasizing the paramount need for an expeditious project completion. Stressing the significant convenience this road will offer to citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, he urged swiftness in the development.

Rawalpindi’s Ring Road Project Details and Cost Breakdown

The envisioned ring road spans 38.3 kilometers, featuring six lanes and five interchanges at strategic points. Construction at key interchanges like Banth and Chak Baily is already underway. An industrial zone is also in the project’s ambit, set to elevate regional infrastructure. The total project cost, including land acquisition, amounts to Rs 31.7 billion, with Rs 6.7 billion allocated for land procurement.

Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman, presiding over a meeting focused on ongoing development schemes, stressed the crucial need for prompt project completion. This urgency extended to not only the Ring Road but also the Daducha Dam, emphasizing that further delays would not be acceptable.

Daducha Dam and Its Importance

The meeting highlighted the imminent initiation of work on the Daducha Dam, a critical mega-project for the garrison city. Its construction, set to commence shortly, emphasizes the city’s need for adequate water supply, essential for its future sustenance.

The right of way for the Rawalpindi Ring Road has been entirely cleared, ensuring unimpeded progress from GT Road to the Motorway. Similarly, obstructions for the Daducha Dam project have been largely resolved. The dam, located 25 kilometers from Rawalpindi, is slated to provide 35 million gallons of water daily upon completion.

Emphasizing the significance of these initiatives for Rawalpindi’s populace, the chief secretary urged proactive efforts to expedite these projects while maintaining unwavering quality standards. Direct supervision and field presence were mandated to ensure transparency, efficiency, and superior project delivery.

The oversight and emphasis on these critical projects underscore the commitment to regional development and infrastructural enhancement, aiming to significantly benefit the citizens of Rawalpindi.