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Rawalpindi’s Metro Bus Track Set for Rs 1.25 Billion Repairs

Rawalpindi's Metro Bus Track

RDA has unveiled plans to commence the repair and overhaul of Rawalpindi’s Metro Bus Track from Saddar to Faizabad next month. The project, estimated to cost Rs1.25 billion, comes nearly nine years after the initial construction of the metro track.

Rawalpindi’s Metro Bus Track

Rawalpindi's Metro Bus Track

Saif Anwar Jappa, the Director General of RDA, informed Dawn that the decision to initiate repair work was prompted by a survey conducted by NESPAK, which highlighted the urgent need for maintenance. The Punjab Masstransit Authority, having completed the project in 2014, has entrusted RDA with the repair work. The Punjab government will fund the repair initiative, with an initial focus on the elevated track from Saddar to Faizabad, expected to be completed within six months.

Mr. Jappa outlined the repair timeline, indicating that work on the Sixth Road Station would be completed by January 2, paving the way for the comprehensive repair of the elevated track. Uzair Shah, General Manager Operation at Punjab Masstransit Authority, cited heavy rainfall as a contributing factor to the wear and tear of the metro track, necessitating immediate repair.

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The repair initiative will address not only the track but also encompass the conversion of tough-tiled pavements at metro stations into concrete pavements. Potholes in the bus corridors will also be filled, ensuring a comprehensive refurbishment.

The repair process will unfold in three phases, with specific areas targeted for repair to be finalized by the RDA. Importantly, officials have assured that the track will remain operational throughout the repair period, with no disruption to bus services. Plans for an operational strategy during repairs are currently in the works.

Additionally, Punjab Masstransit Authority is exploring revenue-generating opportunities by renting out two halls of its Control and Command Building in Saddar, as revealed by Mr. Shah. He further highlighted ongoing efforts to make all elevators and escalators fully functional, with repairs coordinated with the respective vendors.

The Metro Bus Service project, jointly funded by the federal and Punjab governments, was completed in 2014 at a total cost of Rs44.8 billion. The Rawalpindi section accounted for Rs19.17 billion, while the Islamabad section incurred costs of Rs23.84 billion.

The Metro Bus Corridor spans approximately 23km, including 8.6km of elevated track, 10km at ground level, and a four-kilometer trench. Currently operating 68 air-conditioned buses, the service caters to an estimated 150,000 passengers daily. The Rawalpindi section, covering a distance of 8.6 km from Flashman’s Hotel to Faizabad, is elevated, while the Islamabad segment encompasses 14.6 km from Faizabad to Pak Secretariat via IJP Road and 9th Avenue, featuring 24 modern stations for passenger convenience.