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315 Rawalpindi Schemes Included in Annual Development Programme 

Rawalpindi Schemes

Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Engineer Aamir Khattak, outlined the progress and characteristics of the 315 Rawalpindi schemes during a briefing for the 40th Mid-Career Management Course Inland Study Tour Officers at the Commissioner Office on Wednesday.

The Commissioner shared that the Rawalpindi district, encompassing seven tehsils over 4,403 square kilometers, has a population of 5.745 million and a literacy rate of 70 percent. As part of the Annual Development Program (ADP), a total of 315 Rawalpindi schemes have been included for the district, with 89 new projects and 227 ongoing ones.

Among the mega projects underway in Rawalpindi, the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the Dadocha Dam are paramount. The Rawalpindi Ring Road project is divided into three phases, with Phase-I, covering 38.3 km from Banth to Thalian, targeted for completion by December 2024. This project aims to alleviate traffic congestion and develop the area as an industrial hub.

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The Dadocha Dam project, designed to supply Rawalpindi with 35 million gallons of clean drinking water daily, has commenced with land acquisition completed and revised PC-I forwarded.

Additional significant projects include the Lai Expressway, Kutchery Chowk redevelopment, Safe City Project, various water supply schemes, and the revamping of Holy Family and Benazir Bhutto Hospitals. The district has also launched a mobile health service project, ‘Vehicle on Wheels,’ and is constructing a 150-bed Rehab Center at Wah General Hospital.

Educational advancements are a priority, with the establishment of Divisional Public Schools in all districts and special classes for transgender students at the Government Islamia Higher Secondary School No.1 on Murree Road, which has enrolled 63 students to date.

In health initiatives, over 900,000 children were vaccinated in the recent anti-polio campaign, and 57 small dams have been completed and made functional in the Rawalpindi division.

Engineer Aamir Khattak emphasized the ongoing efforts to provide better educational facilities and improve infrastructure, positioning Rawalpindi for significant growth and development.