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Rawalpindi Ring Road Mega Project Nears First Milestone Amidst Land Acquisition Challenges

Rawalpindi Ring Road Mega Project

The Rawalpindi district administration is actively pursuing the ambitious Rawalpindi Ring Road mega project, requiring 5,158 kanals and 15 marlas of land for its completion. As of now, possession has been obtained for 10 kilometers of the proposed 38.5-kilometer stretch, primarily in the area between the interchanges at Chak Beli Khan and Khasala Kurd.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Mega Project 

Rawalpindi Ring Road Mega Project

The ongoing work in this section demonstrates the commitment to the project, but challenges persist at the starting and ending points, where land acquisition is pending.

According to the initial plan from the previous year, the RRR is designed to originate from National Highway (N-5) at Banth, traversing through Chakbeli Road, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and culminating at Motorway M-2 at Thallian Interchange.

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The comprehensive project, estimated at a total cost of Rs33.7 billion, allocates Rs27 billion for construction and Rs6.7 billion for land acquisition. The civil works encompass various elements such as fencerow (90m), grade-separated interchanges, bridges, underpasses, toll plazas, and weighbridges.

With the project kickoff in September 2023, the authorities aim to complete the Ring Road by June next year, signaling a significant infrastructure enhancement for the region.

Details of the private land required for the project have been published in the Punjab Gazette, and section 4 was implemented last year to restrict its sale and purchase. However, a recent decision by the administration has caused a shift in strategy, with the withdrawal of providing land to industrialists at government rates. Industrialists and traders are now advised to acquire land from the private sector for setting up industrial units, technical colleges, and IT universities along the RRR.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Mega Project’s Land Requirements 

The land requirements for the project are extensive, including areas such as Mauza Kaliam Awan, Chalhari Bhal Khan, Mozah Banth, Hardo Mozah, Chamba Papin, Mehar Bakhsh, Qutoob Faruzal, Bhagwal Dargal, Losar, Kaliam Mughal, Taimur Ratial, Bisali, Nauthia Banin, Dhaki Kaliyan, Jhata Hatial, Meera Mohra, Khengar Kalan, Gul Mir Baz, and Bhattian Noor Din.

While progress is evident, concerns have been raised by residents along the proposed route, particularly regarding the compensation for their land. Some reports suggest fears that the government might acquire the land at outdated rates, despite a significant increase in property values over the past year.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) land branch, in collaboration with the district land revenue department, has initiated a survey of the area. Although initial discussions indicated the involvement of the district price assessment committee in determining land prices, assurances from Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha suggest that the government intends to acquire land at commercial rates.

As the project moves forward, balancing progress with addressing land acquisition challenges and ensuring fair compensation for residents will be crucial for the successful realization of the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

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