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RDA Extends Deadline for Rawalpindi Master Plan

Rawalpindi Master Plan

To resolve the ongoing dispute over the development of the Rawalpindi Master Plan 2040, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has extended the project deadline to December 31, 2023. This development comes after local government bodies questioned RDA’s authority to execute such projects within their domains.

Rawalpindi Master Plan Updates

Rawalpindi Master Plan

The RDA, a government agency tasked with city planning, regulating developments, and setting infrastructure standards, had initially contracted Mott Macdonald Pakistan (MMP) in 2020 to develop the Rawalpindi Master Plan 2040. The original project completion deadline was set for the end of 2021.

The dispute primarily revolved around the project titled “Regional Development Plan for District Rawalpindi and Peri-urban Structure Plans for Tehsils of Rawalpindi District (excluding Rawalpindi tehsil).” Local government representatives argued that the RDA’s governing body does not adequately represent local governments and that the master plan failed to assign any tasks to local body representatives.

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To address these concerns and to ensure broader stakeholder participation, the 64th governing body meeting of the RDA was convened, chaired by Commissioner Rawalpindi, Liaquat Ali Chattha. In attendance were RDA Director General Saif Anwer Jappa, officials from the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), and local government representatives.

Rawalpindi Master Plan Extension Meeting

During this meeting, the senior planner presented the Terms of Reference (TORs) for the project to all tehsil representatives. Each Tehsil representative was given an equal opportunity to contribute to the master plan, and local government representatives were tasked with preparing for the regional plan.

After comprehensive discussions, the Rawalpindi Development Authority, along with the local government representatives, reached a consensus to extend the deadline for the MMP contract until December 31, 2023. This decision allows for more comprehensive and inclusive input into the master plan, addressing concerns raised by local governments.

The project, officially known as the “Regional Development Plan for District Rawalpindi and Peri-urban Structure Plans for Tehsils of Rawalpindi District,” is expected to benefit from the extended timeline, fostering a more cooperative approach to the development and implementation of the Rawalpindi Master Plan 2040.


The RDA and MMP will now have an additional year to collaborate and address the input from local government representatives, ensuring that the master plan reflects the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders in the Rawalpindi District.