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Commissioner Rawalpindi Inaugurates Rak Dhamial Graveyard

Rak Dhamial Graveyard

Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Laiqat Ali Chatha, marked a significant development for the residents of Rawalpindi by inaugurating the Rak Dhamial graveyard on Saturday. The inauguration ceremony, held at Rak Dhamial, saw the participation of key figures, including President RCCI and Chairman RWMC Saqib Rafiq, CEO of Municipal Corporation Amjad Chaudhry, Pastor Adil Gill, and representatives from various churches.

Rak Dhamial Graveyard Ceremony

Rak Dhamial Graveyard

Addressing the gathering, Commissioner Laiqat Ali Chatha acknowledged that the lack of a proper graveyard had been a persistent issue for the people of Rawalpindi. He praised the collaborative efforts of the Chamber and Rawalpindi administration for successfully addressing this long-standing concern. Commissioner Chatha disclosed that a substantial piece of land, measuring 1000 kanals, has been allocated for the Rak Dhamial graveyard.

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Out of this allocation, 500 kanals will be dedicated to the Municipal Corporation, 200 kanals to Rawalpindi Cantt, and an additional 200 kanals to Chaklala Cantt. Additionally, 100 kanals of land have been specifically allocated for the minority communities. Commissioner Rawalpindi expressed the vision of transforming Rak Dhamial graveyard into a model facility. The construction of boundary walls has been completed, and ground leveling work has commenced within the cemetery premises.

Furthermore, a connecting road has been established, ensuring easy access to the graveyard. To cater to the needs of the community, a Janza Gah (funeral area) has been set up. The Commissioner highlighted an essential service for deserving Christians, mentioning that those unable to bear the transport burden could utilize a funeral bus and ambulance facility. This service can be availed by contacting the Municipal Corporation Office from any location in Pindi.

Commissioner Laiqat Ali Chatha also provided details on the financial aspects of the graveyard. While the grave fee has been fixed at five thousand, he assured that those who cannot afford it will not be charged. The Municipal Corporation and RWMC are committed to maintaining high standards of cleanliness within the cemetery, ensuring a dignified resting place for the departed.

Final Thoughts on Rak Dhamial Graveyard

The inauguration of Rak Dhamial graveyard signifies a crucial step forward in addressing a longstanding need for proper burial facilities in Rawalpindi, reflecting the commitment of the local authorities to provide essential services for the community.