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CDA Explores Multiple Routes for Public Transport Buses in Islamabad

Public Transport Buses

The urban transport project in Islamabad is undergoing a route adjustment even before its completion. Delays in widening Park Road have prompted the Transport Wing to halt the operation of public transport buses in the area.

Public Transport Buses in Islamabad

Public Transport Buses

It has been decided that the imported electric buses from China will not be operational on the under-construction Park Road. Initially, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had planned to operate buses on two routes. Originally, electric buses were slated to run on Park Road and IJP Road. However, due to Park Road’s incomplete status, the civic authority is now exploring two new routes.

In light of the ongoing construction on Park Road, the route from G-11 Markaz to PIMS is being considered. According to sources within the CDA, the second route under consideration is from the National Library to PIMS. However, authorities have a few weeks to finalize their decision as the electric buses from China are expected to arrive within the next fifteen days. If the road remains incomplete within that timeframe, fifteen buses will operate on either the G-11 Markaz to PIMS route or the National Library to PIMS route.

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Should the IJP Road project conclude as scheduled, the original plan will remain unchanged. The buses are anticipated to arrive in Islamabad within ten days of their arrival at the Karachi Port.

As the bus depot is still under construction, the buses will temporarily operate from the convention center. Six chargers have been imported for thirty buses, with each charger capable of charging one bus in one and a half hours. Once fully charged, the buses can operate throughout the day on the roads. These adjustments underscore the flexibility and adaptability required in large-scale urban infrastructure projects, ensuring efficient and effective public transport solutions for the citizens of Islamabad.