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CDA Unveils Auction Dates for Prime Plots in Islamabad

Prime Plots in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has embarked on a transformative initiative aimed at accelerating urban development in Islamabad through a grand auction of prime plots in Islamabad. The three-day event, commencing from January 10th and concluding on the 12th, unfolded at the iconic F9 Park’s Gandhara Hall.

Prime Plots in Islamabad

Prime Plots in Islamabad

Highlighted among the prime plots in Islamabad up for grabs are strategically positioned properties on Blue Area, Centers, and Park Road, making this auction a significant milestone for potential investors seeking to contribute to the city’s burgeoning growth.

The auction catalog boasts a diverse array of offerings, including petrol pumps, Class Three shopping centers, agro farms, apartment plots, fruit and vegetable shops, IT centers, and hostel plots. This extensive selection underscores the CDA’s commitment to accommodating various business and residential needs within the city.

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To facilitate prompt transactions, the CDA offers an attractive 10 percent discount for those who complete their payments within one month of bid acceptance. Notably, the authority has also streamlined the approval process for construction plans, linking it to the first installment payment to expedite the commencement of development projects.

This endeavor follows the CDA’s highly successful auction in October, where eight plots were auctioned, raking in an impressive Rs10.94 billion within a mere 48 hours. The second day of the auction witnessed Plot No. 1 in Sector G-6/1-1, spanning 355.55 square yards, fetching an astounding sum of Rs. 602 million. Equally noteworthy was Plot No. N-1 in Sector E-11, covering 1066.66 square yards, which commanded a successful bid of Rs 1.24 billion.

The CDA’s strategic approach to urban development continues to garner acclaim from investors, promising a dynamic future for Islamabad’s landscape.