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President Dr Arif Alvi Expresses Strong Solidarity with Palestine at Embassy Visit

President Dr Arif Alvi

President Dr Arif Alvi visited the Palestinian embassy in Islamabad in a powerful display of solidarity with the people of Palestine. This visit, characterised by unwavering support, was a heartfelt gesture from the President of Pakistan to the Palestinian people.

President Alvi Condemns Israeli Aggression

President Dr Arif Alvi

During his visit, President Alvi had a profound meeting with Palestinian Ambassador Ahmed Rabei. In this meeting, he unequivocally condemned the Israeli aggression in Gaza, which has caused immense suffering and devastation in the region. The President expressed his deep concern for the dire situation faced by the Palestinians and reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to stand by them in their hour of need.

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Plea for International Action

President Alvi called upon the international community to condemn Israel’s brutality and aggression in the Palestinian embassy. He passionately spoke against the loss of thousands of innocent lives and the ongoing crisis in the region. His plea for international intervention echoed the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to this longstanding conflict.

President Arif Alvi urged an immediate ceasefire to halt the violence and destruction in Gaza. He also stressed the importance of establishing humanitarian corridors to deliver vital aid, including food, electricity, and water, to the Gazans in dire need. The President called on the United Nations to pass a resolution to end Israeli atrocities.

“The people of Pakistan are standing with Palestine,” President Alvi declared emphatically, emphasizing the unwavering support of the Pakistani nation for their Palestinian brothers and sisters. He reiterated that Pakistan would only accept a solution that aligns with the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

As a final tribute to the Palestinian people’s resilience and solidarity with their struggle, President Arif Alvi recorded his heartfelt remarks in the condolence book at the Palestine Embassy, leaving an enduring mark of Pakistan’s support and empathy for Palestine.

Final Words

President Dr Arif Alvi’s visit to the Palestinian embassy reaffirms Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to supporting the just cause of the Palestinian people and calls for an end to the ongoing crisis through peaceful means.