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Poultry Association Calls for Strike in Twin Cities

Poultry Association

The Poultry Association has declared a shutter-down strike in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, protesting against the uniform rates of chicken in Punjab. Poultry vendors have ceased the supply of chicken in the twin cities, leading to a complete shutter-down strike in the wholesale market at MandiBagh Sardaran. This move comes as a response to what the association claims are unsustainable pricing policies that undermine the viability of their businesses.

Poultry Association Meeting

Poultry Association

The Poultry Union spokesperson asserted that stakeholders across the poultry industry, including wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers, stand united in their refusal to sell chicken meat at prices lower than the production cost. The spokesperson further emphasized that the sale of chicken meat at the market will remain suspended until the local authorities address the pricing concerns raised by the poultry association.

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The backdrop of this strike is rooted in the looming soybean meal shortage expected to hit the country in December 2022. Industry experts anticipate a sharp surge in the prices of both chicken and eggs, attributing it to the scarcity of soybean meal. The prices of chicken are projected to rise up to Rs1,000 per kilogram, while eggs may cost up to Rs500 per dozen.

The root cause of the impending crisis lies in the delay in the clearance of soybean and canola seed shipments at the port. The Poultry Union blames the federal government for negligence, asserting that the delay in clearance is adversely affecting poultry farms and other related industries.

The association contends that the federal government’s failure to address the soybean meal shortage promptly has led to significant financial burdens on poultry farmers and vendors. As a consequence, the Poultry Association deems the current pricing structure unsustainable, prompting their call for a shutter-down strike until their demands are met.

Efforts to resolve the issue are underway, with the poultry industry looking towards the local administration to engage in meaningful dialogue and find a resolution that ensures the sustainability of the poultry business in the region. The consequences of this strike are already evident in the shuttered wholesale market at MandiBagh Sardaran, as stakeholders await a timely and effective response from the concerned authorities.