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ECP to Establish 990 Polling Stations for Elections in Islamabad

Polling Stations

As the anticipation for the upcoming general elections in Islamabad builds, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is gearing up to ensure a smooth and efficient electoral process by establishing nearly 990 polling stations and 3,096 polling booths across the federal capital. The comprehensive election plan for Islamabad outlines the logistics for the electoral exercise, expecting a significant turnout from over one million voters spread across the three constituencies.

Polling Stations for Elections

Polling Stations

The federal capital is strategically divided into three districts, further delineated into three constituencies: NA 46, NA 47, and NA 48. The election plan, a crucial roadmap for the electoral proceedings, delves into intricate details such as constituency population, the number of registered voters, proposed polling stations, and the required election staff.

According to the document, the total population of Islamabad stands at 2.36 million, with 1.83 million individuals registered to cast their votes in the upcoming elections. The capital city’s voting demographic comprises 568,505 male voters and 514,625 female voters, showcasing a diverse and engaged electorate.

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To oversee the electoral process, the Election Commission has outlined the appointment of key personnel, including 1,040 presiding officers, 3,251 assistant presiding officers, and an equivalent number of polling officers. In addition, 1,040 senior assistant polling officers will be strategically deployed across the three constituencies.

The meticulous planning and allocation of resources underscore the Election Commission’s commitment to conducting free, fair, and transparent elections in Islamabad. By establishing an extensive network of polling stations and booths, the ECP aims to facilitate a seamless voting experience for citizens while upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

As the nation eagerly awaits the general elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan’s proactive measures and strategic planning indicate a dedication to democratic principles and the facilitation of citizens’ fundamental right to vote. The upcoming electoral exercise in Islamabad is poised to be a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the ECP’s preparations for this crucial democratic event.