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Plot Size Conversion in Pakistan

Plot Size Conversion in Pakistan

Are you dreaming of buying a plot? Well, the first thing to do is figure out how much it will cost to build it. But there’s more to consider! If you’re buying land or already have some, you should change the size of the land from square feet to marla.

This can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know much about building or designing. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the best way to do it and guide you through the process of plot size conversion in Pakistan.

What is Plot Size Conversion in Pakistan?

Plot Size Conversion in Pakistan

The process of changing the way we measure land or property from one unit to another is known as plot size conversion. This is often necessary when dealing with properties in different places or countries that use different units to measure land area.

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The choice of measurement units for calculating land area is largely influenced by our location. For example, if we reside in Lahore, Islamabad, or other parts of Punjab, we typically use ‘marla’ and ‘kanal’ as our measurement units for property. However, in Karachi and other cities in Sindh, the property measurement system mainly relies on ‘square yard’ and ‘square foot’ as the units of measurement.

No matter what units are used, the goal of plot size conversion is to make sure that everyone involved in a real estate deal or a building project knows the precise size of the land.

Standard Plot Sizes in Pakistan

When you’re in the market to buy land in Pakistan, it’s crucial to grasp the typical plot sizes and the measurement units associated with them. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to collaborate with a trustworthy real estate agent who can navigate the process and ensure compliance with all legal requirements, offering you peace of mind.

Here are the most frequently used units:

  • Acre: An acre is a unit of land measurement equivalent to 43,560 square feet or 8 Kanal. It is commonly used to describe the size of large plots of land.

Note: Kanal or کنال is a unit of land measurement and is equivalent to 20 marlas. It is commonly used in Pakistan to measure land area. In imperial calculations, one kanal equals 5400 square feet, while in urban calculations, it is typically considered as 4500 square feet.

  • Marla or مرلا is a unit of land measurement that varies in size, ranging from 225 to 272 square feet. The size of a marla can vary based on the specific region or context. It is commonly used in Pakistan to measure smaller land areas, such as residential plots. 1 marla is equal to 9 sarsahi.
  • Square Feet: This measurement unit calculates the land area in square feet, frequently used alongside marla measurements.
  • Square Yards: This unit is widely employed in Pakistan, particularly in land transactions.
  • Square Meters: This measurement unit quantifies plot area in meters, often preferred in upscale areas with larger land plots.

Understanding Plots Sizes in Pakistan

When assessing property sizes in Pakistan, it’s essential to focus on the plot size. In urban areas, 5-marla plots are the most common choice, favored by middle-class families seeking an affordable home with enough space for a small garden or parking. The next most favored plots size is the 10-marla plot, perfect for larger families or those desiring more room for a bigger house or garden. 

For those searching for even more space, 1 kanal plots (equivalent to 20 marlas) can be found in upscale areas, ideal for constructing a luxurious home with ample outdoor space.

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Plot Size Conversion Chart

To give you a detailed overview of the unit plot size conversion, we have compiled the chart below in which we have given you different values denoting property sizes and the measuring units in which they have been converted.

MarlaSquare FeetSquare MetresSquare Yards (Gazz)
20 (1 Kanal)4500418.06500

Here are a few important things you should note. Converting 

MarlaOther Units
1 Marla225 Square Feet
1 Marla20.9 Square Metres
1 Marla25 Sqyare Yards
1 Kanal20 Marlas, 4500 Square Feet, 419 Square Metres, and 500 Square Yards.

Other Unit Conversions

1 karam5 feet
1 square karam or sarsai25 sq. ft.
1 marla9 sarsai
1 Kanal20 marlas
1 bigha4 kanals
1 killa8 kanals
1 murabba25 acres
1 hectare2.5 acres

Plot Size Conversion Methods in Pakistan

Land measurement units vary from one region to another. Different areas have distinct units for measuring land. In Pakistan, commonly used land measurement units include Marla, Yard, Square feet, Kanal, and Acre. During the British rule, Marla used to be measured using Karm, equivalent to an average person’s footstep (about 5.5 feet). 

Nowadays, Marla is the most widely adopted unit for land measurement to establish uniformity. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to grasp the conversions between different land measurement units to ensure precision and standardization.


To determine the measurement of 1 marla in square feet in Punjab, Pakistan, for a 5 marla plot in square feet or square yards, consider the following method. You can also use plot size conversion calculator.

To measure a marla without a standard tape, take three steps along the length and three steps across the width of the plot. Calculate the area using this formula: 1 Marla Area = 3 (5.5) x 3 (5.5), which equals 272.25 square feet. Alternatively, you can use a measuring tape to gauge a marla. For other measurements, simply multiply the length and width values.

Square Feet

If you wish to convert one marla to square feet, one marla is equivalent to 272.25 square feet, which is a one-foot-by-one-foot unit of measurement resembling a square. Understanding these conversions is crucial when dealing with smaller plots in cities like Lahore or Islamabad.

Square Yards

Keeping the right information about plot size conversions in mind is vital when buying a plot.  Did you know that 1 Marla equals 30.25 square yards? A square yard is a land measurement unit, covering a square with one yard on each side, and one yard equals 0.8361 square meters. If you wonder how many square yards are in one foot, it’s 0.111111. To convert Marla to square yards, simply multiply the area value by 30.25.

Square Meters

When determining the land’s size in the shape of a square, understanding the conversion factor to convert Marla to square meters is crucial. To do this, multiply the area value by 25.293. The symbol ‘m²’ represents a square meter.

Square Inches

In terms of square inches, 1 Marla is equal to 39,204. A square inch is a commonly used unit for measuring small areas, often used to measure fabrics or small objects. To convert Marla to square inches, just multiply the area value by 39,204. Measuring in square inches can be quickly done with a measuring tape or ruler.

The Bottom Line

Converting land measurements from square feet to marla may seem daunting, but it’s essential to make well-informed choices when purchasing property.

We hope you may have gotten a clear idea on plot size conversion in Pakistan. Don’t forget to partner with a reliable real estate agent for a smooth and secure experience. Armed with the right information and tools, you can confidently set out on your path to realize your dream of building a home in Pakistan.


How to calculate plot size in marla in Pakistan?

1 marla equals about 272.25 square feet, so to convert your total area to marlas, you’ll need to divide the total area by 272.25. 

How many marlas are 30×60?

8 Marlas are equal to 30 x 60.

What is the size of 1 marla plot?

The size of 1 Marla plot is 272.25 square feet.

What is dimension of 5 marla plot?

5 Marlas are equivalent to 1125 square feet or 125 square yards

How do you calculate plot size?

The length and breadth of the land is measured at first and the results are multiplied. The product of the length and breadth of the land is the area of the land.

What size is 3.5 marla plot?

The 3.5 Marla plot is 20 x 40.

How many Marlas are 40×80?

40 x 80 plot is 14 Marlas.

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