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PHA Unveils Plans to Construct Sports Corners across Rawalpindi

PHA Unveils Plans to Construct Sports Corners

To promote healthy lifestyles and recreational activities among the youth, PHA unveils plans to construct sports corners on vacant spaces under the Chandni Chowk flyover and the city’s four main parks into dedicated sports corners.

PHA Unveils Plans to Construct Sports Corners – Update

PHA Unveils Plans to Construct Sports Corners

PHA Director General Ahmed Hassan Ranjha revealed the ambitious plan, stating that the vacant area beneath the Chandni Chowk flyover will be transformed into a cricket arena, offering a new space for young cricket enthusiasts. Additionally, a basketball court will be established to cater to the growing interest in the sport.

Currently, the Commercial Market Park in Satellite Town has been rented out to establish a cricket arena, proving popular among the youth. This initiative aligns with the broader beautification drive of the PHA, utilizing all available vacant spaces for recreational activities.

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Director General Ranjha emphasized the directive from Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chatha to transform Murree Road into a model road, with work already underway. As part of this initiative, all pillars of the Metro Bus elevated road will be whitewashed with a unified theme to enhance the visual appeal of the city’s main artery.

Collaborating with the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC), the PHA aims to streamline signboards of shops and commercial plazas on Murree Road from Marrir Chowk to Faizabad. The upcoming beautification drive will extend to roads, with a survey initiated by the civic body to identify areas and walls for refurbishment.

Director General Ranjha encouraged traders to adopt PHA-provided signboard patterns and announced that the authority would supply trees and plants directly from its nursery, bypassing the need for purchasing from external markets.

Project Progress 

Work has resumed on two parks, and flower beds are being cultivated across the city. The PHA plans to enhance green belts on the Metro section from Marrir Chowk to Faizabad, with specific attention given to Raja Bazaar. Road medians in Raja Bazaar and other inner-city areas will see the growth of trees and flowers, contributing to the city’s overall aesthetic appeal.

As part of the ongoing beautification drive, seasonal flower beds have been installed, and trees planted along main roads to transform Rawalpindi into a lush and vibrant urban space. The PHA aims to improve the condition of walls and underpasses, ensuring a visually pleasing environment for residents and visitors alike. Director General Ranjha concluded by announcing plans to further enhance historical bazaars in the upcoming phase of the beautification project.