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Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi Bans Purchase of Petrol Bikes in Islamabad

Petrol Bikes

In a surprising move, Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has banned the purchase of petrol bikes in Islamabad. The decision, made during a Capital Development Authority (CDA) meeting, aims to transform Islamabad into a world-class city focused on environmental sustainability.

Citizens will now only be able to purchase electric motorcycles, and eco-friendly electric buses will replace petrol-powered public transport. The Federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting stated that this move is intended to reduce environmental pollution.

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While companies like Yadea, Metro, and EVEE offer electric bikes in Pakistan, they remain costly and have limited market options. Conversely, petrol bikes like the Honda CD70 and United bikes are affordable and have a strong resale value.

The sudden decision has raised concerns due to the lack of infrastructure and higher costs associated with electric bikes.