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Park View City Islamabad | Blocks Details, NOC, Payment Plans

Park View City, Islamabad is located in CDA Zone IV with a view of Margalla Hills and Murree. It is the definition of luxury living with residential plots available in different options including apartments. Commercial plots are also available for those investors looking for more.

Park View City has its electricity generation facilities to curb load-shedding issues, own water facilities, and road linkage to Bharakahu and Bahria Enclave. Islamabad and Kashmir Highway are also nearby for road linkages to all major areas of the twin cities.

Available Options in Park View City Islamabad

Park View City, Islamabad has a huge selection of residential and commercial plots available which will cater to different types of buyers and investors. The residential plots are available in different blocks with each block having different features. 

Park view city has a total area of 1200 Kanals which covers both residential and commercial properties with many different sizes available.

Plot sizes in Park View City Islamabad

The size of each of the plots are given below:

Residential plots (with the area)Commercial plots(with the area)
5 Marla(26×50)6 Marla (35×40)
8 Marla(30×60)8 Marla (40x 45)
10 Marla(30×70)
1 Kanal (50×90)
2 Kanal (75×120)

Plot allocation in Park View City Islamabad

The plot allocation for both residential and commercial plots along with the block is shown below.

Residential plots in Park View City Islamabad

Plot sizeBlock name
3.5 Marla K
5 MarlaA & B
7 Marla
8 Marla
10 MarlaA, B, F, H & J
1 KanalA, B, F, H & J
2 Kanal

Commercial plots in Park View City Islamabad

Plot sizeBlock name
3.5 MarlaOverseas block
6 MarlaPark View Downtown
8 marlaLake-facing properties

Residential plots overview

The residential plots available in Park View City Islamabad are in the range of 3.5,5,8, and 10 marla plots. 1 and 2 Kanal plots are also available in Park View City Islamabad for those looking for greater investment. The residential plots are available in blocks A,B,C,D, E,F,H,J,K. 

The Golf Estate, overseas block park view homes and terrace block(residential apartments) are also available in Park View City Islamabad for those looking for more luxury living. Each of these has its different options for different-sized properties. 

Park View City homes have already been constructed and are ready for possession.  The homes are built following international standards. Currently, only 5 marla homes are available in Park View City Islamabad for purchase, however, more options will be available in the future.

Park View City Islamabad terrace has apartments with all the amenities available for residents in the apartment complex which include a swimming pool, fitness center, 24/7 security, and more. The terrace(located in C block)also has 10 marla and 1 Kanal plots available for purchase. 

Golf Estate has the most luxury facilities available for its residents with an international-level golf court serving as its headline. Golf Estate has 5, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots available. 

The overseas block of Park View City Islamabad is the most premium block with the largest number of facilities available in its vicinity. One of the salient features is that the overseas block will have its own separate gate which will allow it to quickly access the road network.

The overseas block of Park View City Islamabad will also have educational and medical facilities inside the block to give the residents the best experience possible. Free Wifi will also be available in Park View City Islamabad in the area with 5,10 marla plots and 1 Kanal plots for those looking to invest in the overseas block.

Commercial plots overview

The walk commercial area will house only the top brands. Therefore 1 Kanal plots have been allocated for commercial purposes in Park View City Islamabad in the Walk. For those looking to invest in the best commercial plots and have no budgetary limits, this is definitely the best option.

3.5 and 5 Marla plots have been allocated in the overseas block of Park View City Islamabad for commercial purposes. Being the most premium block of Park View City Islamabad, the plots are in high demand and will definitely give the best available ROI. 

Park View City Islamabad Downtown is in the middle of Park View City and has a beautiful lake in the middle which covers 300 Kanal. The view is exquisite and this will house a great commercial area which will definitely be an attractive investment for the largest brands. 

6 & 8 marla plots are available in the Downtown area. The view of the lake with lush green hills around the area will make a great view of Park View City Islamabad. The Downtown area will make a great picnic spot, therefore any brand there will definitely get plenty of sales guaranteed.

Price plan of Park View City Islamabad

Golf Estate

Plot Size/CategoryTotal PriceDownpayment 25%Balance Payment8 Quarterly Installments
05 Marla8,500,0002,125,0006,375,000796,875
10 Marla16,000,0004,000,00012,000,0001,500,000
0I Kanal35,000,0008.750,00026,250,0003,281,250

A, B Block

D, E block

Terrace C block

F block

H block

J block

Overseas block

Park View Homes

Park view City Commercial downtown

Salient features of the project

Backup electricity 

For backup electricity and to counter the effects of load shedding in the country, PVC is constructing its own dam inside the society which will be able to meet all the electricity requirements of its citizens and provide 24/7 electricity. 

Underground electricity lines also make it safe for its residents and any issues due to heavy rainfall will not affect the electricity lines.

Margalla Hill views

PVC is made in such a way that Margalla hills are viewable from almost everywhere within the society. This makes for a very attractive view for all residents in PVC. 

Botanical gardens

Only the best for PVC residents botanical gardens will be made which will have greenery and space for residents to enjoy themselves while also contributing to the environment. 

Overseas block 

The overseas block which will be the most luxurious block is targeted towards overseas Pakistanis or foreigners who want to live the same standard they have been living abroad. Therefore a separate gate for better access and security along with schools and a hospital are inside the overseas block for that same international living standard.

Apartments with major amenities

Terrace view apartments in PVC will have all the amenities inside the complex to facilitate all the residents for worry-free living. A swimming pool, CCTV surveillance, backup electricity, and a fitness center will ensure all major needs of residents are met.

Gated community

PVC will be a gated community with foolproof security and CCTV surveillance. This will ensure that the security of residents will always be the top priority of PVC and its management. 


Multiple mosques are slated for construction in PVC to facilitate its residents and have a mosque near to their residence. The mosque will be a grand construction and will be able to house thousands of people at once.


A zoo attraction with proper safety standards and well-trained staff will be a major attraction in PVC. The zoo will aim to be a great source of entertainment for both kids and adults. 

IMAX Cinema

IMAX cinema will be constructed inside PVC as the living standards abroad are the forefront of the goals that PVC wants for all its residents. Hence an IMAX cinema will be the best cinema with the latest IMAX technology to make sure residents who are used to living overseas do not miss anything.

Community center

A community center is a great place for all residents to mingle and having sitting areas where residents can relax will be the prime focus of the community center. 


PVC is focused on providing a family-friendly atmosphere. Therefore in order to accommodate families with children, schools will be built inside PVC which will cater to all families with children. PVC is in talks with many major educational institutes to construct schools in their vicinity.

Shopping mall

In order to have the full experience of luxury living which includes all facilities inside the community, PVC will have a shopping mall that will have the latest brands and a food court to facilitate all residents of the housing society.


PVC is the first housing society to have a downtown area. The downtown area will have a 300 Kanal lake with commercial plots around the area. This will be a great picnic spot for everyone with the commercial area having each and every facility available nearby.


A hospital is a major facility that is required everywhere. PVC cares about its residents that’s why it will construct a hospital inside the overseas block which will provide facilities on par with international standards. No matter the emergency the hospital will be an invaluable facility for all residents.

Why invest in Park View City?

Investing in Park view is a no-brainer especially if your budget is unlimited. Below are a few major reasons for investing in PVC although these are not all the reasons:

NOC approved

The project of Park View City has been approved by CDA which means that no matter what your investment will be secure. This is especially good news for investors who wish to invest long-term in PVC without fear.

Own Electricity and water 

PVC has gotten approval to make its own dam for electricity generation. Therefore all issues relating to power will be nonexistent in the future. The water also means that there will be no issue due to water shortage as well for all residents of PVC.

Large number of options

PVC has both residential and commercial plots available for sale. No matter if you are an investor or wish to become a resident of the society a large number of options should be able to meet your needs. From 3.5 marla plots to 2 Kanal plots, every type of buyer is covered.

There are plots available, apartment options, golf city, and overseas block for those looking for premium living standards and also 5 marla pre-made houses are also available. 

High ROI

The facilities available(a hospital, schools, mosques, electricity backup, and downtown area) mean that the interest of investors is at an all-time high. This coupled with a great location(first luxury project in zone 4), a great number of commercial areas, and a nearby road network connecting to the twin cities, the project will surely give a great ROI to all investors no matter if they invest in commercial or residential plots.

Scenic views and facilities

A nearby golf course, great views of the Margalla hills, botanical gardens, a zoo, and an IMAX cinema are just a few great facilities that will be available to residents of PVC. The botanical gardens will become a great attraction for all people and will attract many visitors.

The finished society will have a shopping mall, Turkish-style mosques, a botanical garden, a food court, and the walk: a commercial area that boasts eye-catching construction with the latest international brands just like a high street in foreign countries. 

Central location

The main access points for Park View City are Malot Road and Simli Dam Road. Serena Hotel is only 15 minutes drive away which means the center of Islamabad is very near. Islamabad Expressway and Kashmir Highway are also in close proximity along with Kuri Road and Bahria Enclave. Bani Gala is only 5 minutes drive from PVC and Bhara Kahu is also very near.


You have seen the potential for park view City and know all the major reasons why you should make an investment. However, a major drawback is that the prices are high so the project is not for everyone. 

Besides the budgetary constraints, the project is a great choice for residents and investors. As the project is approved by CDA investors can buy a plot and play the long game, until their plot reaches its highest price or until project completion. Then they can either rent the property or sell it for a great profit. 

The good news is that the speed of construction is very fast for the project, with possession of plots being given as soon as they are finished, it will take only a few years for the project to be fully completed. So the ROI doesn’t seem very far away.


Is Park View City CDA approved?

Yes, Park View city has been approved by CDA and they have got NOC by CDA.

Does Park View City have backup power to curb load shedding?

Yes, Park View City is working on its own dam which will provide 24/7 electricity to its residents.

Any water issue in Park View City?

No, Park View City has its own water which will provide all water to its residents. 

What is park view golf estate?

Golf estate will have a full golf course with residential plots for those golf enthusiasts.

What size plots are available in Park View City?

3.5,5,8,10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal plots are available in both commercial and residential options.

What is the overseas block?

The Overseas block will have a separate gate for more security and better outside access. It will also have schools and a hospital inside in order to facilitate residents looking for the same standard of living as abroad. This is a great option for overseas Pakistanis.

How much total area does Park View City have?

1200 Kanal

Which plots are ready for possession?

Block A B and D plot possession is already underway

E, F, J, K and overseas block are under construction

Is there any discount?

5% discount is given on full lump sum payment. For other discount queries call us at: 0331-111-0737

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