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Residents Frustrated as Park Road Construction Causing Daily Traffic Issues

Park Road Construction

Despite months of ongoing construction on Park Road, commuters continue to grapple with persistent traffic congestion, prompting residents to call for the prioritized and timely completion of the expansion project. The roadworks, which began in April 2023, were expected to conclude within six months, according to the initial Project Concept-1 (PC-1), but the sluggish pace of construction has led to prolonged inconvenience for the public.

Park Road Construction

Park Road Construction

Awais Ali, a resident of Chatta Bakhthawar along Park Road, expressed frustration, stating, “This work has been going on for the past several months. It should be completed on a priority basis to provide relief to citizens.” He urged the relevant authorities to ensure a swift resolution to the ongoing congestion.

Yasir Khan, another local resident, highlighted the importance of Park Road as a vital route connecting various localities and serving several housing societies. He emphasized the need for expedited construction to alleviate traffic woes, especially during peak hours when the area experiences substantial jams due to the ongoing work.

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) awarded a contract worth Rs1.9 billion for the expansion of Park Road to the National Logistics Cell under clause 42(f) of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules, allowing bidding among government agencies only.

The 7.4 km-long road, stretching from Rawal Chowk to Tramari Chowk, has witnessed increased traffic congestion over the years due to the expansion of residential areas and educational institutions along its route. Despite the urgency of the situation, the project has fallen behind schedule, impacting businesses such as marriage halls and marquees located along the road.

According to CDA officials, the rehabilitation and widening of Park Road involve adding one extra lane on each side to transform it into a three-lane artery. However, conflicting reports regarding the project’s progress have emerged from officials.

While one official expressed optimism that the project would be completed within a few months and mentioned a recent increase in pace, another official disagreed, attributing the delay to the slow process of relocating utility lines from the road’s alignment.

In response to the concerns raised by residents and the slow progress, a CDA high-up has announced plans to convene a meeting to investigate the reasons behind the delay and reiterated the commitment to ensuring the timely completion of the Park Road expansion project.