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Orhan Tower Peshawar | Location | NOC | Master Plan | Payment Plan

Orhan Tower Peshawar

Orhan Tower Peshawar is a magnificent TMA-approved mixed-use high-rise luxury building, spanning an impressive 18,500 square feet, situated on Canal Road adjacent to University Town in Peshawar, KPK.

Conveniently located just a 7-minute drive away from Bacha Khan International Airport, Orhan Tower redefines modern living.

With 98 residential units and 39 commercial units, Orhan Tower Peshawar offers an exquisite 16-ft main road frontage, promising an urban lifestyle like no other. Presently, 6 floors have been completed, with a vision to provide a “luxurious lifestyle at its best.”

Orhan Tower Peshawar Owners and Developers

Orhan Tower Peshawar is the brainchild of Orhan Group, spearheaded by its CEO, Maarij Ali. The Orhan Group boasts an impressive 2-decade-long presence in the construction industry.

Their unwavering commitment to “Quality and Integrity by the Professional” has elevated lifestyles for a diverse clientele.

Having witnessed the success of their previous projects in Peshawar, the team is proud to introduce “ORHAN TOWER,” dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and redefining the standard of living.

Their vision is to become the region’s leading real estate service provider, fostering enduring client relationships built on transparency and mutual trust.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Owner History

The Orhan Group has a rich history in the real estate industry, dating back several decades. Over the years, they have earned a strong reputation for their commitment to excellence, quality, and integrity.

Their vision is to emerge as the leading real estate service provider in the region while also becoming the preferred place of employment for professionals in the real estate sector.

To achieve this vision, the Orhan Group consistently works towards cultivating collaborative partnerships firmly grounded in transparency and mutual trust.

Building enduring client relationships is a top priority for them, and they strive to deliver exceptional results that exceed client expectations. With a dedicated and energetic workforce, the Orhan Group fosters a positive and results-driven work environment.

They focus on the long-term investment and development of relationships with clients, acknowledging that their success is measured by the positive outcomes they deliver to their clients.

As they continue to expand, the Orhan Group remains steadfast in upholding these principles that have proven to be the bedrock of their success throughout the years.

Their dedication to providing top-notch service and fostering enduring relationships remains unwavering as they navigate the dynamic landscape of the real estate market.

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Orhan Tower Peshawar NOC Approval

Orhan Tower Peshawar has obtained No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from various key authorities, including TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration), Civil Aviation, Air Force, and Irrigation.

This ensures that the project adheres to all necessary regulations and safety standards, providing peace of mind to residents and investors alike.

NOCs from various governmental authorities are critical in constructing and developing any real estate project.

NOCs are official documents issued by the respective authorities, certifying that the project complies with all the necessary regulations, safety standards, and environmental requirements. These certificates are crucial in ensuring the project is legally authorized and safe for residents and the community.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Location

The location of Orhan Tower Peshawar is highly strategic. Situated on Canal Road in Abdarra, Peshawar, the tower is in close proximity to University Town.

Orhan Tower Peshawar

The bustling Saddar Cantt area is just a 12-minute drive away, while Bacha Khan International Airport is a mere 7-minute drive from the tower, making it incredibly convenient for residents and businesses.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Accessibility

  • A 3-minute drive from Volleyball Ground, Abdarra.
  • A 3-minute drive from Waliabaad Cricket Stadium.
  • A 5-minute drive from University Town.
  • A 5-minute drive from Ring Road.
  • A 7-minute drive from Bacha Khan International Airport.
  • A 10-minute drive from University Road.
  • A 12-minute drive from Saddar Cantt.
  • A 15-minute drive from Hayatabad.
  • A 14-minute drive from Peshawar Cantt.
  • A 21-minute drive from Peshawar Zoo.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Nearby Housing Projects

  • University Town
  • Peshawar Cantt
  • Tawas Khan Colony

Orhan Tower Peshawar Nearby Location and Areas

  • Sufaid Dheri
  • Pishtakhara Bala
  • Garhi Sikander Khan

Orhan Tower Peshawar Master Plan

Orhan Tower is a 9-floor high-rise building. It features 2-bed and 3-bed apartments with modern kitchens and living areas. It also offers commercial shops.

The master plan has been thoughtfully designed to offer diverse residential options and an array of modern amenities, creating a harmonious and luxurious living experience for its residents. The tower features a mix of 98 residential units and 39 commercial units, catering to the needs of families and businesses.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Apartment Sizes

2-Bedroom Apartments:

  • 1000 sq ft on the 1st, 7th, and 9th floor.
  • 1049 and 1062 sq ft on the ground floor, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th floor.
  • 1129 sq ft on the ground floor, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th floor.
  • 1309 sq ft on the 4th and 5th floor.

3-Bedroom Apartments:

  • 1411 sq ft on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th floor.
  • 1415 sq ft on the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th floor.
  • 1443 sq ft on the 7th floor.
  • 1451 sq ft on the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9th floor.
  • 1709 sq ft on the ground floor, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th floor.

Commercial Shops:

  • 240 sq ft commercial shops.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Payment Plan

The payment plan for Orhan Tower Peshawar is designed to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

Buyers can secure their unit with a 30% down payment and booking within 2 months.

The remaining amount can be paid through a 3-year (42 monthly) installment plan of 1% each, with an additional 20% payable upon possession.

Apartment SizeDown Payment 42 MMonthly InstallmentsTotal Price
2 Bed100027,60,000109,5249,200,000
2 Bed10492,895,240114,8909,650,800
2 Bed10622,931,120116,3149,770,400
2 Bed11293,116,040123,65210,386,800
2 Bed13093,612,840143,33612,042,800
3 Bed14113,894,360154,53812,981,200
3 Bed14153,905,400154,97513,018,000
3 Bed14433,982,680158,04213,275,600
3 Bed14514,004,760158,84413,349,200
3 Bed17094,716,840187,17615,722,800
Shops2402, 736,000108, 5719, 120,000

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Orhan Tower Peshawar Facilities and Amenities

Orhan Tower offers many world-class facilities and amenities, ensuring its residents’ comfortable and luxurious lifestyles. Some of the notable features include:

Grocery Store

Having a grocery store within the building is a significant convenience for residents of Orhan Tower. It eliminates their need to travel far to purchase daily necessities and groceries.

The onsite grocery store provides quick and easy access to essential items, making it incredibly convenient for busy individuals and families. Residents can save time and effort, ensuring that their daily shopping needs are met without having to leave the premises.

CCTV Surveillance:

Security is of paramount importance in any modern residential complex, and Orhan Tower ensures the safety of its residents through comprehensive CCTV surveillance. Strategically placed cameras monitor various areas of the building, including entrances, common areas, parking lots, and other key points.

This 24/7 surveillance system helps deter potential security threats and provides a sense of security to all occupants. Additionally, it assists in investigating any untoward incidents that may occur within the premises.

Backup Generator:

Orhan Tower is equipped with a reliable backup generator system. This backup power source ensures that residents’ daily routines are not disrupted in the event of power outages or load shedding.

With the backup generator in place, essential facilities such as elevators, common area lighting, water pumps, and security systems continue to function seamlessly, allowing residents to carry on with their activities without inconvenience.

Rooftop Play Area:

Families with children will appreciate the dedicated rooftop play area at Orhan Tower.

Spanning an impressive 10,000 square feet, this space is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to play, interact, and make friends. Equipped with modern play equipment, the rooftop play area allows children to engage in physical activities and enjoy outdoor fun while being supervised by their parents or guardians.

High-Speed Lifts:

Orhan Tower features state-of-the-art high-speed lifts, ensuring swift and efficient transportation between floors.

These lifts are modern, stylish, and designed with safety features to offer a smooth and secure ride for residents and visitors alike.

The high-speed lifts reduce waiting times and enhance the overall living experience, especially in a tall building like Orhan Tower.

BBQ Corner:

The rooftop BBQ corner is a special amenity that adds an element of enjoyment and socialization to residents’ lives.

This space is perfect for hosting gatherings, parties, and family get-togethers. Residents can come together to enjoy delicious meals, barbecues, and memorable moments against the backdrop of the stunning city views offered by the rooftop setting.

Covered Car Parking:

Car owners at Orhan Tower benefit from covered car parking facilities. The covered parking spaces protect vehicles from the elements, such as harsh weather conditions and direct sunlight, preserving the car’s exterior and interior.

Furthermore, covered parking ensures added security for residents’ vehicles, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

Rooftop Sitting Area:

In addition to the BBQ corner, the rooftop of Orhan Tower offers a serene sitting area where residents can relax and unwind.

The rooftop sitting area provides a peaceful retreat where residents can enjoy the fresh air, take in breathtaking panoramic views of the city, and find solace away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Overall, the thoughtful selection of facilities and amenities at Orhan Tower underscores the developers’ commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable living experience for its residents.

These amenities cater to various lifestyle preferences, ensuring that residents can enjoy a life of convenience, security, and leisure within this high-rise oasis in Peshawar.

Orhan Tower Peshawar Salient Features

  • 24/7 CCTV Cameras
  • 24/7 Security
  • Water Supply Service
  • Garbage Disposal Service
  • 24-Hour Electricity In Case Of Power Outage
  • Natural Gas Supply Service
  • Sewage & Wastewater Disposal Service
  • Car Parking

Reasons to Invest in Orhan Tower Peshawar

  • Prime Location.
  • Developer’s Reputation
  • Growing Demand
  • Potential for Capital Appreciation
  • Modern Amenities
  • Potential for Rental Income
  • 24/7 Security
  • Affordable Prices

Orhan Tower Peshawar Booking Process

The booking process for Orhan Tower Peshawar is straightforward. Interested buyers can contact the Orhan Group for inquiries and visit the site to explore the options. They can also contact customer support at 031-111-ORHAN (67426).

Once they have chosen their desired unit, they can proceed with the down payment and booking process, securing their spot in this luxurious high-rise.


Orhan Tower Peshawar represents the epitome of luxury living in Peshawar. Its prime location, meticulous design, and world-class amenities offer residents a second-to-none lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable home or a lucrative investment opportunity, Orhan Tower is poised to deliver the best of both worlds.


Where is Orhan Tower located?

Orhan Tower is conveniently situated on Canal Road in Abdarra, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, adjacent to University Town. It is just a 7-minute drive from Bacha Khan International Airport and approximately 12 minutes away from Saddar Cantt.

What types of units are available in Orhan Tower?

Orhan Tower offers a variety of residential units, including 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. The sizes of the units range from 1000 sq ft to 1709 sq ft, catering to different preferences and family sizes.

Are there commercial units available in Orhan Tower?

Orhan Tower features 39 commercial units, providing a perfect opportunity for businesses and retail ventures to establish their presence in this prime location.

Who is the developer of Orhan Tower?

Orhan Tower is the project of Orhan Group, a well-established construction company with over two decades of experience in the construction industry. The CEO of Orhan Group is Maarij Ali.

Has Orhan Tower obtained all necessary approvals and NOCs?

Orhan Tower has acquired No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities, including TMA, Civil Aviation, Air Force, and Irrigation, ensuring that the project adheres to all necessary regulations and safety standards.

What are the payment options for purchasing a unit in Orhan Tower?

Buyers can secure their unit with a 30% down payment and booking within 2 months. The remaining amount can be paid through 42 monthly installments of 1% each, with an additional 20% payable upon possession.

How can I book a unit in Orhan Tower?

To book a unit in Orhan Tower, interested buyers can contact the Orhan Group for inquiries and visit the site to explore available options. Once they have chosen their desired unit, they can proceed with the down payment and booking process to secure their spot in this luxurious high-rise.

What sets Orhan Tower apart from other residential projects in Peshawar?

Orhan Tower stands out due to its prime location, spacious and thoughtfully designed units, world-class facilities, and reputable developer. The tower offers a luxurious lifestyle at a strategic location, making it an attractive choice for discerning buyers and investors.

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