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Chairman CDA Oversees Ongoing Development Projects in Islamabad

Ongoing Development Projects

Muhammad Ali Randhawa, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), undertook a thorough examination of various ongoing development projects in Islamabad. His meticulous inspection, conducted on Friday, encompassed a range of crucial projects aimed at enhancing the city’s infrastructure and overall appeal.

Inspection of Ongoing Development Projects in Islamabad

Ongoing Development Projects

The focal points of Chairman Randhawa’s scrutiny included the completion of maintenance work, meticulous landscaping, and ensuring the efficient and cost-effective implementation of these projects. Among the notable areas under review were Iran Avenue, Margalla Avenue, Margalla Avenue Extension from GT Road to M-I, and 10th Avenue, each vital in the city’s urban landscape.

During his inspection of Iran Avenue, Chairman Randhawa paid close attention to the median strips and surrounding landscaping, emphasizing the need for aesthetic enhancements to the installed light poles. He was briefed by officials about the Iran Avenue project, which boasts a substantial length of 5.8 kilometers with dual carriageways on both sides. Initially budgeted at Rs 3.9 billion, the project is now expected to be completed within a revised budget of Rs 3.5 billion, showcasing efforts towards cost optimization.

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Margalla Avenue, another significant artery in the city’s infrastructure network, was also scrutinized by the Chairman. Here, maintenance work nearing completion was evaluated, with officials highlighting the project’s span of 10.5 kilometers and its expected budget of Rs 2.6 billion.

Further, Chairman Randhawa visited Margalla Avenue Extension from GT Road to M-I, where construction of a 3.5-kilometer road with dual carriageways is in progress. Interchanges are integral to this project, slated to be completed within a budget of Rs 3.6 billion, a testament to the city’s commitment to modernize and expand its infrastructure.

Lastly, the Chairman assessed the progress of 10th Avenue, where officials reported that 25 percent of the construction work has been completed. Falling under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), this project’s redesigning proposals for the interchange will be meticulously evaluated based on their cost-effectiveness before work commencement.