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Old Blue Area Vs New Blue Area Islamabad 

Old Blue Area Vs New Blue Area Islamabad

Islamabad is ever-growing, with the latest ventures and high-rise buildings gracing the city’s landscape. The capital’s serene landscapes, premium business hub, and modern infrastructure have made it the most attractive spot for investments and housing.  Islamabad’s meticulously planned layout and the availability of a wide array of luxuries and conveniences make it the preferred destination for investors hailing from all corners of Pakistan.

Recently, a new commercial zone called New Blue Area, located opposite F-9 Park, has been launched, housing state-of-the-art residential and commercial mixed-use buildings. The zone is attracting major investments and is on the road to becoming the biggest and the best commercial hub in Islamabad.

This article covers the debate on Old Blue Area Vs New Blue Area Islamabad and whether you should invest in the new one or the old one.

When was the New Blue Area Launched?

The primary objective behind developing the New Blue Area Islamabad is to generate funds for the government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) and the construction of affordable housing projects. 

Additionally, this initiative aims to create employment opportunities, stimulate economic activities, and attract investments to the city. New Blue Area was officially launched on 1st March 2020.

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In July 2020, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) made the decision to auction all the commercial plots within the New Blue Area in response to the growing urban population and the corresponding surge in demand for commercial spaces. Initially, New Blue Area had 26 commercial plots. Now, it boasts hundreds of plots.

According to the then prime minister, Mr. Imran Khan, “Today, we are launching the multi-billion rupees commercial project in Islamabad’s Blue Area. This endeavor is set to not only generate employment but also draw investments from overseas Pakistanis. Furthermore, similar mega projects are on the horizon, with one slated for Lahore and another for Karachi in the near future.”

He also said that the revenue generated from the project as a result of the incoming investments will be rightfully invested in the government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (NPHP), which is the government’s low-cost housing scheme. 

“A portion (of rolled-in investments from New Blue Area Islamabad) will also be utilised for construction of low-cost housing, particularly for provision of dignified accommodation to residents of approved katchi abadis (squatter settlements) through Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority,” Imran Khan stated in an interview to Radio Pakistan.

Why was New Blue Area Launched?

New Blue Area boasts excellent commercial opportunities and is the fastest-growing business hub of Islamabad. Some of the reasons behind the launch of the New Blue Area are:

Spacious Parking

Old Blue Area had an issue of parking spaces. Finding a proper parking used to be a hassle for buyers which ulltimately impacted businesses’ sales. Therefore, New Blue Area was launched with expansive parking spaces, making it easier for people to park their cars.

Investment Friendly 

New Blue Area is pretty investment-friendly as new high-rise buildings are being launched with flexible and easy installment plans as opposed to the old Blue Area where investing in businesses is pretty difficult as they are already developed. 

Modern Infrastructure

Since the New Blue Area is pretty new, it features modern buildings equipped with the latest amenities and facilties. The buildings are earthquake-proof and construced with good quality building material.


The best part of this newly-expanded new Blue Area project is its accessibility to major sectors, like F-8, F-9, F-10, G-7, and G-8 Sectors, the Senate of Pakistan, the Supreme Court, the National Assembly, the Prime Minister House, and many other government buildings via Jinnah Avenue. 

Old Blue Area is also highly accessible as it is located near the Centaurus Mall and is also accessible via Metro Bus Station.

Master Planning

The master plan of the New Blue Area project includes a developed area of around 170 Kanal offerings 26 plots at the auction. The approval from the CDA is for residential and commercial buildings, food arenas and shops. Other than that developers need to leave behind 30% of the area out of their 1000 square yards or more area. 

Old Blue Area Vs New Blue Area Islamabad – What’s the Difference?

New Blue Area is an extension of Blue Area Islamabad and is located just 8 minutes from its counterpart. It comprises a total area of 170 Kanal reserved for commercial developments. Let’s look at its differences in detail.

Here’s a table highlighting the major differences in Old Blue Area Vs New Blue Area Islamabad:

FeaturesOld Blue AreaNew Blue Area
Location Adjacent to Jinnah AvenueOpposite F-9 Park 
Launch1965 2020
Area 2 km long corridor170 Kanal
PriceBit expensiveCost-effective due to installment plans
Accessibility30 km from Islamabad International Airport32 km from Islamabad International Airport

Location and Projects

Old Blue Area is located alongside Jinnah Avenue. It is a 2 kilometer long strip, featuring renowned buildings, including 

  • Centaurus Mall
  • Ufone Tower
  • Islamabad Stock Exchange
  • Saudi Pak Tower
  • UBL Tower

New Blue Area is basically an extension of old Blue Area and is located adjacent to Jinnah Avenue opposite F-9 Park. It features new and upcoming buildings, including


New Blue Area comprises over 26 commercial plots and is spread on 170 Kanals. The plot sizes range from 611 sq. yards to 10,111 sq. yards. Also, the Jinnah Avenue at the New Blue Area is being widened, allowing heavy flow of traffic.

The Old Blue Area extends on 2 kilometres of the Jinnah Avenue.

Price Comparison

By the most recent directives from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the payment plan of the New Blue Area is anticipated to comprise 4 installments, each constituting 25% of the total value. The initial installment is to be settled within a 30-day timeframe upon receipt of the Bid Acceptance Letter, with subsequent payments scheduled as outlined. It’s worth noting that those opting for full upfront payment will be entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on the total bid value, courtesy of the CDA.

Due to flexible installment plans, the New Blue Area is pretty cost-effective and budget-friendly. 


Old Blue Area is almost filled and boasts hundreds of established buildings. The majority of these buildings have been around for ages and are past their normal building age, meaning they are risky and on the brink of decay. New Blue Area is new and is currently under development. The buildings here are made with better quality materials and are much durable than the ones in Old Blue Area.

Why Invest in the New Blue Area?

The New Blue Area represents a fresh and improved infrastructure, offering lucrative commercial investment prospects. All commercial ventures within this area are designed to embody the pinnacle of technological advancements and cutting-edge facilities.

This newly developed locale exhibits a more organized structure when compared to its predecessor, the original Blue Area. Just like its predecessor, the master plan for this modern development has been conceived by CDA, encompassing the residential sectors and central business district (CBD).

Serving as a symbol for all five districts, including the Commercial Zone, Digital District, Residential District, Entertainment Zone, and Government Zone, these developments will pave the way for employment opportunities across various sectors throughout the Blue Area.

The investment prospects within the New Blue Area are truly exceptional. They are poised to usher in substantial growth and transformation within Islamabad’s social, economic, and environmental domains. Out of the proposed 170 acres, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allocated nearly 16 acres for auction, highlighting the immense potential for investment and development in this dynamic district.

The Bottom Line

The New Blue Area is the future of Islamabad’s commercial hub. With cutting-edge buildings, top-notch amenities, and modern infrastructure, it is set to reshape Islamabad’s commercial district. If you seek to invest in Islamabad, consider investing in the New Blue Area to gain full advantage of convenient installment plans. 


Published by: Hammad Shah 

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