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CDA Chairman Orders Cleaning of Nullahs Before Monsoon Season


Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), has mandated the cleaning of Islamabad’s nullahs ahead of the monsoon season. This directive was issued during a meeting at the CDA headquarters, where preparations for the nullah cleaning were reviewed.

Emphasizing the importance of channelizing nullahs in both urban and rural areas, Randhawa assigned the oversight of these arrangements to the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad. He instructed the Environment Wing to promptly remove any obstructions in the nullahs’ flow and directed the Sanitation Directorate to ensure thorough cleaning by the sanitation staff.

Randhawa also stated that machinery from the MPO and other departments should be utilized for the cleaning process, with Member Engineering providing the necessary machinery and technical assistance. Following the cleaning, the assistant commissioner and Rescue 1122 are to inspect and report on the condition of the nullahs.

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Furthermore, Randhawa ordered strict monitoring of slum areas around the nullahs, informing residents of potential risks during the monsoon. Low-lying areas with nullahs are also to be closely monitored.

During the monsoon season, CDA staff and machinery are to remain in the field round the clock. Emergency response centers in Islamabad will be made operational immediately to prevent any inconvenience to citizens, and a helpline number will be issued for emergency situations.

This proactive approach aims to mitigate flood risks and ensure the smooth flow of water through Islamabad’s nullahs during the upcoming monsoon season.