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Rawalpindi Officials Inspect New Rawat Vegetable and Fruit Mandi 

New Rawat Vegetable and Fruit Mandi 

Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatha, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi, Hasan Waqar Cheema, embarked on a visit to the new Rawat vegetable and fruit Mandi. This visit aimed to review the administrative affairs and enhance the understanding of Mandi’s operations.

New Rawat Vegetable and Fruit Mandi Inspection

New Rawat Vegetable and Fruit Mandi 

The visit was attended by various key figures, including Director Agriculture Shahid Bukhari, officers from relevant departments, and representatives of traders, creating a comprehensive assessment of the Mandi’s operations.

During the inspection, Commissioner Chatha delved into the intricacies of the vegetable bidding process, and he took the opportunity to engage with citizens to gather their feedback on the establishment of the Mandi. The public expressed their appreciation for the Punjab government’s commendable initiative in establishing the vegetable and fruit Mandi in Rawalpindi.

Efforts of Rawalpindi Administration

The Commissioner also commended the diligent efforts of the officers involved in increasing the number of vegetable and fruit Mandi stalls, aiming to provide a wider variety of options to the residents. Recognizing the importance of supporting local farmers, Commissioner Chatha directed the Director Agriculture to offer a special discount to these agricultural entrepreneurs.

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This decision will make the Mandi more accessible and ensure that residents can purchase items at 20% lower prices in comparison to the Islamabad Green Mandi, making quality produce affordable.

Emphasizing the well-being of the Mandi’s stallholders and citizens, the Commissioner highlighted that all basic facilities have been thoughtfully provided in Rawat Mandi, facilitating both vendors and the public. He also urged media representatives to play a crucial role in spreading awareness about the vegetable and fruit Mandi.

The positive impact of the Rawat Mandi extends to the entire population of Rawalpindi, benefiting its three million residents directly. This establishment not only offers quality produce but also contributes to promoting regional business activities, according to Commissioner Chatha. He acknowledged the tireless efforts of the administration, which worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of the Rawat Mandi.

Final Words

The district administration is committed to ensuring the availability of essential commodities in the city at prices reflecting those of the vegetable market. With the introduction of the Rawalpindi vegetable and fruit market, citizens can look forward to obtaining affordable and high-quality essential items, further enhancing their overall quality of life.

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