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Rawalpindi Launches Three New Learner Khidmat Centres

New Learner Khidmat Centres

Three new ‘Learner Khidmat Centres’ have been established in Pirwadhai, New Town, and Dhoke Syedan. These centers aim to streamline the process of obtaining a Learner Driving Licence for the public.

Learner Khidmat Centres

New Learner Khidmat Centres

The initiative is part of the district administration’s broader strategy to enhance road safety and address the rising number of traffic accidents. To complement this effort, the Rawalpindi district is set to launch an awareness program across all educational institutions. This program will educate students on traffic rules and regulations, fostering a culture of responsible and informed driving habits from an early age.

City Police Officer (CPO), Rawalpindi, Syed Khalid Hamdani, addressed the public during a live FM show on December 5, 2023. He emphasized that the surge in encroachments was a significant contributor to traffic accidents in the region. Hamdani assured the public that the police force is actively working to eliminate encroachments, aiming to enhance the overall flow of traffic.

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Highlighting another crucial factor, Hamdani stressed the importance of awareness regarding traffic rules and regulations. He expressed concern over the number of accidents caused by underage drivers who often lack sufficient knowledge of road safety guidelines. The CPO urged parents to discourage their underage children from driving bikes and cars, emphasizing the need for responsible parenting in curbing this trend.

During the same discussion, City Traffic Officer (CTO) Official Spokesman Umair Satti provided insights into the ongoing efforts of the traffic police to facilitate the public in obtaining driving licenses. Satti mentioned that individuals can acquire a driving license either from the main traffic office or the newly established ‘Learner Khidmat Centres,’ underscoring the commitment to making the process more accessible and convenient for the residents.

As Rawalpindi takes proactive measures to address traffic-related challenges, the collaborative approach between the local administration, police, and the traffic department marks a positive step toward creating a safer and more informed driving environment for the community.