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Islamabad Traders Encouraged to Benefit from New Fruit and Vegetable Market

New Fruit and Vegetable Market

The Divisional Administration extended a warm invitation to traders from Islamabad, urging them to tap into the opportunities presented by Rawalpindi’s new fruit and vegetable market. Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha, addressing fruit and vegetable shopkeepers, highlighted the support pledged by the administration to bolster business activities.

Event on the New Fruit and Vegetable Market 

New Fruit and Vegetable Market

The event, organized by the Fruit and Vegetable Market Committee Islamabad, served as a platform for Commissioner Chatha to emphasize the significance of the newly established market in Rawalpindi, initiated under the directives of the Punjab government.

“The establishment of this market is a significant boon for the approximately three million population of Rawalpindi. To facilitate the traders, stall spaces at the vegetable and fruit market will be provided rent-free for the initial three months,” Commissioner Chatha announced.

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He underscored the broader impact of this market, anticipating a surge in regional business activities, fostering increased trade among the twin cities. Commissioner Chatha positioned this development as a golden opportunity for the business community, particularly the fruit and vegetable traders in Islamabad, to expand their commercial horizons and thrive in the newly established market in Rawalpindi.

Additionally, he stressed the inherent advantages for those engaged in the agriculture sector, highlighting the prospect of legitimate compensation facilitated by this market.

Other Plans by the Commissioner 

Notably, plans for an industrial zone surrounding the Rawalpindi Ring Road were revealed, alongside the imminent commencement of the Dadhucha Dam construction, set to alleviate water shortages in the twin cities within the next two weeks.

The commissioner reiterated the holistic impact of these projects on augmenting business activities and fostering economic growth in the region. The efforts of Commissioner Rawalpindi to catalyze business activities were lauded by the business community in the twin cities during the event.

Chairman Market Committee Islamabad Sajid Abbasi, Babu Aleem, President of the Fruit Market, and members of the Market Committee Rawalpindi were among the attendees at this pivotal gathering.

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