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NAB Rawalpindi and Partners Organize Marathon Against Corruption

NAB Rawalpindi

To combat corruption, the Awareness and Prevention Wing of the National Accountability Bureau NAB Rawalpindi, in collaboration with Islamabad Running Club, Capital Development Authority (CDA), and Islamabad administration, organized a marathon race on Saturday. The event aimed to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption while promoting the values of sportsmanship and healthy activities.

NAB Rawalpindi Organizes Marathon

NAB Rawalpindi

Approximately 400 participants from diverse backgrounds enthusiastically joined the marathon, using their collective energy to send a powerful message against corruption. The event, highlighted in a press release, emphasized the role of sports and community involvement in fostering a collective responsibility for a corruption-free society that transcends social divisions.

The marathon served as a significant component of the Anti-Corruption Week 2023 campaign, titled “Race Against Corruption.” Participants, including government officials, members of civil society, young professionals, students, and athletes, actively contributed to the cause.

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The collaborative efforts of NAB Rawalpindi, Islamabad Running Club, CDA, and Islamabad administration played a crucial role in ensuring the resounding success of the event. Recognizing the power of sports as a unifying platform, these entities aimed to leverage community engagement for impactful societal transformations.

Mr. Faheem, Director of the Awareness and Prevention (AP) Wing at NAB, expressed satisfaction with the event’s outcome. He noted that the participants, united by a shared purpose, stood together in the battle against corruption, illustrating their commitment to forging a brighter future for the nation.

The marathon not only promoted a healthy and active lifestyle but also served as a reminder that collective efforts, irrespective of social backgrounds, can contribute significantly to building a corruption-free society. The collaboration between NAB Rawalpindi, Islamabad Running Club, CDA, and Islamabad administration demonstrated the potential of such initiatives in creating a positive impact on societal values and ethical standards.